How To Build A Landing Page That Works

Follow these simple and effective tips to create a landing page that works. 

Tired of losing leads on your site’s landing page? Whether you want your landing page to drive email sign-ups, move prospects to purchase or something else, it can be frustrating when you don’t see the intended outcome. Here are some effective tips to turn things around and build a landing page that works. 

Define the Purpose

The first step to take before creating your landing page is defining the purpose of that page. Who do you want to view the page, what information do you want them to glean from it and which action do you want them to take after absorbing the information? Having a clearly defined purpose for the landing page will guide the creation process and will ensure each bit of information added to the page will be on point. This

Keep it Concise 

After building your landing page around a pre-defined purpose, review the page and determine if every piece of information included is crucial. If you find that individual images or copy aren’t necessary, remove them. This process will ensure the page’s content is concise and that all elements work together to drive prospects toward a particular action. 

State Your CTA

Which action do you want prospects to take after reviewing the landing page’s information? Define that action and then develop it into a clearly stated call to action. If you want prospects to sign up for your email list, include the words ‘sign up for our email list’ along with the required sign up fields. All other information included on that page should provide substantial reasons why prospects should complete the form and add themselves to your list. 

Add a Testimonial

According to 6 Rules to Grow your Property Management Business Landing Pages, a strong way to guide prospects toward action is by including testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your products or services. Testimonials are strong marketing elements that show prospects what others think about your business. Customer quotes can also help build trust in your business. 

Offer Incentives

What will prospects receive from following the intended action on your landing page? Whether they’ll receive a valuable white paper from signing up for your email list or a coupon code for completing a survey, clearly state the incentive on the page. This clearly stated motivation can help lead the page’s visitors toward action. 

Track Data

Of course, you won’t know whether the landing page changes are working unless you track the page’s data. If you aren’t yet tracking your landing page’s data, start tracking the number of daily, weekly and monthly page visits, the number of forms completed and more. You can then use this data to see what is and isn’t working on the page to make tweaks and continually improve the page. 

Don’t settle for a subpar landing page. Instead, keep your content concise, offer incentives and make other page updates to boost the page’s effectiveness. Doing so can help you connect with prospects and, ultimately, can increase sales. Here are 25 Landing Page Optimization Tips that will help ensure your page performs to its maximum potential.

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