Apple’s 3D Touch Function – A Trend or Is It The Future Gaming Function?

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about Apple’s 3rd Touch function. But, is it a trend or does it represent the future of gaming?

This amazing new feature is so named because it lets the user interact with their iPhone in the third dimension. In fact, the technology behind 3D Touch is so advanced that it is available to differentiate between different levels of pressure and uses this information to interpret the intention of the the user.

The technology responds to two different pressure levels termed ‘peek’ and ‘pop.’ Peek refers to the lighter Touch and it enables you to look at content without having to browse away from the page that you are currently on. This is an excellent feature for your email because it allows you to browse content, like schedule information or linked internet pages, without opening up your calendar or internet browser. On the other had, the pop feature refers to the deeper press on the screen as it is used to “pop” the content into a fixed position on your screen.

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Apple's 3D Touch Function - A Trend or Is It The Future Gaming Function?

The Apple 3D Touch feature is especially helpful to gamers who love sites like Royal Vegas because it represents a new way to game. is one of the most popular casinos on the internet, offering gamers the chance to play well over 600 different games and win extra cash. It is due to this popularity that the operators of this site are always looking for ways to innovate game-play. So, it isn’t surprising that the release of the Apple’s latest technology has spawned games that have already been integrated with this feature.

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Furthermore, with 3D Touch, you can apply pressure to the edges of the screen and scroll through your apps or go back to the previous one. This feature will come in handy to those who’ve developed double-tap thumb fatigue from going to and from their different apps. 3D Touch will also change the way that iPhone users manipulate their home screen. For instance, lightly pressing on your favorite app’s logo will open up a menu of shortcuts, similar to right clicking on a desktop computer. Plus, 3D Touch may enhance organization and create a more natural flow of content, when talking in terms of your app content. It may even pave the road that eliminates the dreaded hamburger menu or overcrowded navigation bars.

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Apple's 3D Touch Function - A Trend or Is It The Future Gaming Function?

As you can see, 3D Touch’s high level of functionality probably means that it will be around for a long time. One thing’s for sure, it will be interesting to see how developers play with the peek and pop features when creating their new apps.

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