Using Technology To Manage A Sales Team

According to, more than 74% of today’s sales managers admit to having poor communication skills. If you are in sales, then this statistic might sound alarming to you.Communication is key to effective sales management. If your team doesn’t know what is expected of them, how are they supposed to perform? Also, if you are performing, imagine the possibilities if your communication improved. This is why many managers are using sales management software and other technology to help them communicate more effectively and improve their management skills.


One of the most common communication methods used today is email. If you are a sales manager, it is important to recognize that your team probably receives several emails each day. Be careful to overload their inbox with unnecessary emails. Also, try to send all the information you need in one email. Some sales managers send a daily email with sales recaps, goals, and other objectives. This is can also be done weekly if you feel like daily is too much. The more consistent you are with emailing, the better your communication will be.

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Video Conferencing

Many sales managers work with salespeople that are offsite. Communication with these people is more challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Video conferencing technology can actuallyimprove your effectiveness as a manager. Some people feel that this method is more effective than a traditional phone call. It allows the salesperson to connect with the sales manager. Since screen time is required, the salesperson is more likely to be engaged during the conversation.

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Another helpful tool that managers can use to improve performance is analytics. There is software available that can keep a manager up to date on the sales performance of each individual. This means that you won’t have to wait until the end of the month to understand your performance. Instead, you can see how you are doing in real time. If you are having a poor month, changes can be implemented to improve the performance.

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Many managers also use analytics to set realistic goals for their salespeople. Then, they track the performance of each individual to determine if they are meeting their goals. The data from this analysis can help a manager make decisions about which salesperson to use in certain scenarios. It can also help them to become better in their coaching and training efforts.

If you need help managing your sales team, consider taking advantage of these technology options. They can help you as you seek to communicate more effectively and boost your sales.

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