5 key reasons web design matters to your business

Good design within businesses is essential.

Here are the top 5 reasons why design is so important to your business. If you follow these tips, positive results are almost guaranteed.

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1. Design Sells

Are you more motivated by figures and numbers? Well, design would be extremely beneficial to your business too. A study in 2005 by The Design Council analysed 63 portfolios of FTSE 100 traded companies and their success over the term of a decade. Companies which emphasized and worked hard on their design were more successful and had an increased number of sales than those which didn’t.

2. Strong web design builds customer trust

Almost all businesses now have an online presence, and most people’s first encounters with businesses are now on the internet. E-commerce generates $2.7 trillion worldwide, a 26% growth increase from last year, and the forecasts say that number will rise year on year –  http://www.pymnts.com/news/payment-methods/2017/online-purchases-rule-the-uk-commerce-arena/.

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Many businesses choose to solely operate online, making websites vitally important in successful businesses. How can you generate a good impression to compete with other businesses? The answer is good design. Badly designed and run websites leave consumers confused and frustrated, with web pages ignored. Customers often mistrust badly run websites, good design can make all the difference.

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3. Creating a memorable brand

Design is more than a simple external appearance of your product and business brand. Brand design is much more complex. With such an important factor of your business you can get help help from business like reallyhelpfulmarketing who are Branding Cheltenham agency.  They will give your unique advice that is suited to your business needs.

What makes a business memorable? Great products and good customer service make a difference, but what creates a lasting impression? Good design goes beyond the surface level and has an enduring influence.

  1. Keep content user-friendly

    Good design can make complex information more accessible. Content and technology are increasingly powerful and complex; good design can permeate through data displays and interfaces to advertise your physical product much more easily and efficiently.

    5. Create a good impression

    Good design leaves a lasting and pleasant impression. All competitor companies are vying for interested customers and a market edge. If you ultimately offer the same product at the same price with the same service, what will give you that edge? Good design.

    Design is a valuable business decision, enabling you to stand apart from your competitors.

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