5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Roman Blinds

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to install roman blinds – they improve the general appearance of your home, they suit most décors and they are fairly easy to maintain (to name a few). If you are planning to install these blinds in your home, however, there are a number of mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs if you want to ensure the success of the project. We have outlined the 5 that are most commonly committed below:

1. Failure to Measure Your Windows

This is probably the most common mistake that homeowners make and it can be the most costly, as you will need to purchase new blinds. It is essential that you measure all windows prior to placing your order; we actually recommend taking the measurements twice to ensure you haven’t made a mistake. The wrong measurements will mean that your window is not properly covered.

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2. Failure to Choose Appropriate Colours

If the main reason you are installing roman blinds is to enhance the décor of your home, it is essential that you carefully consider appropriate colours. Keep in mind that there are different shades of each colour; you might have red cushions that you want to highlight, but it is important that you have selected the right shade of red. Most manufacturers will help you to choose the most appropriate colour.

3. Paying Attention to Low-priced Products

There are many reasons why homeowners are drawn to the lowest priced products, the most common of which being that it saves them a significant amount of money! When you do this, however, you tend to overlook other critical aspects (such as your window size, colour and quality of materials). Even though price should certainly be a vital factor, we don’t recommend purchasing the cheapest blinds you can find.

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4. Choosing a Style that is difficult to Clean

If you have selected roman blinds that are difficult to clean, they will end up being dirty and unpleasant overall for a long time. This is why you should carefully consider the cleaning procedure for each product before placing your order. Some will only require a dust or wipe down with a damp cloth every now and then; others will need to be removed and vigorously washed on a regular basis.

5. Installing without Professional Help

Another fairly common mistake is that homeowners choose to install the blinds themselves, without professional assistance. This can also be quite costly, as you may have to replace the product should a disastrous installation damage it. We recommend asking the manufacturer whether they have preferred installers; this will ensure that the whole project goes smoothly and that all questions are answered.

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Now that you are aware of the most common mistakes made in the selection and installation of roman blinds, we hope that you avoid them when undertaking the process yourself. If you run into any difficulties with your choice of blinds, ensure that you speak with a professional immediately; they will be able to offer advice, suggestions and solutions based on their years of experience. We wish you luck with your purchase experience!

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