6 Reasons Why Apple iPad Is Beneficial For Work

We all use computers, laptops or ipads for the most basic functions like reading or sending emails, doing some official work, net surfing or updating Facebook etc. Before replacing the desktop or the laptop with an ipad, one may wonder if it is really worth spending money on an ipad but the benefits positively push the user to lean towards going for an ipad.

  1. Apple iPad is Easily Portable

A big advantage with Apple ipad is its portability. With the size of just 9.5 x 7.5 inches, even the biggest size would fit easily into any bag or even a ladies bag. Having a weight of just around 1.5 pounds, it is hardly a burden to carry anywhere as compared to a heavy laptop. Apart from the outside home usage, even the usage within the home is so comfortable, that one can use it while lying on the couch or sitting on the bed, unlike a PC.

  1. Apple iPad has a Long Battery Life
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As compared to any PC or laptop, ipad has a much longer battery life, lasting up to 10 hours with normal usage and even with a heavy usage, one may not need to charge before 7-8 hours.

  1. Cheaper Apps. & Games are Available for iPad

Many of the routine tasks can be done with Apple ipad and most of the required apps. for these works are free to download. Even if one needs to pay for some of the apps., the versions for ipad are most of the times priced at less than half the price for the PC. For example, the Microsoft office can cost almost four times for home & student versions of a PC and on a Mac book it may cost double than the cost for an ipad. Similarly Apple ipad works out to be an advantageous option for gaming freaks because they can get the ipad versions of the most latest games at less than $5 a game because most of the popular games are now available for ipads.

  1. Enjoy Music & Movies on the Apple iPad
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Apple ipad can be fairly easily attached to the TV through which one can really enjoy the steaming videos because it takes the TV watching to the next level of enjoyment as it combines the use of the latest apps. with the watching experience on the big screen of TV. One can also watch TV on the Apple ipad thereby being able to carry the TV along when on the move.

  1. Apple iPad is an Easy to Use Technology
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An ipad is something which is quite easy to use because of its interface which is quite intuitive. Even those who are not very tech savvy can easily use Apple ipad and hence using technology easier for such users.

  1. A Good usage as GPRS

An ipad can be used as a good GPRS system in the car while locating some destinations while on move, which a laptop simply can’t do and hence an additional big advantage.

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