Custom Shower Installation Ideas

Bathroom construction and remodeling projects have grown a lot over the past year. With the different innovations in faucets, showers, and the latest plumbing fixtures some bathroom remodeling projects are as big as kitchen remodeling projects. You can make your bath a simple room or you can make it a big elegant place you can rewind and relax from the push and pull of everyday life. The shower can be the most expensive part of a bathroom remodeling project. There are numerous ways to make your shower stand out from other showers and give it your own personal touch.

Luxury Shower Enclosure

This type of shower can be put in any enclosed area with at least three sides. With a glass enclosure you can make this a walk-in shower with plenty of room. Areas as big as 5’x10’ have been marbled and tiled to create an open and roomy area that at times could accommodate two showers. You can add rain style shower heads to create a luxury shower enclosure.

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Etched Glass Shower Panels

            Etched glass can add beauty and elegance to any bathroom. An etched glass panel on your shower will provide you with the privacy you may prefer. Tile floors will add extra traction and will also provide you a huge choice in color and tile combinations. You can integrate border tiles to give this shower enclosure some depth and character as well as beautiful color. Finish off your enclosure by adding towel racks and soap dishes.

Shower with an Arched Entry

            An arched shower entrance will give you the look of the old-world. Inside the shower a mixture of Calcatta marble and French limestone will help your shower gain a unique appeal. Granite tiles will provide a natural stone look that will help you gain the elegant look you are looking for. With fixtures that can offer an old world look you have a unique old world themed shower.

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Showers with Wraparound Views

            A wraparound shower is created with glass panels that will close in the shower. Teak wood decking is usually found on the floor. Double-pane glass is sometimes used so the inside of the panes will fog and give you privacy. This glass is filled with a conductive materials inside the panels that can be fogged up with a flip of a switch. Flip the switch again and it will clear up giving a view of your surroundings. Rain style shower heads would be a great addition to this shower enclosure.

Steam Shower Room

            This type of enclosure is made of clear glass that extends all the way up to the ceiling. This will allow this enclosure to function as a steam shower. The glass enclosure will help the bathroom to feel open allowing light to fill the steam enclosure. Add a backdrop of your tile or marble preference and you have created an awesome shower and steam room combination.

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Corner Showers

            Corner showers are great ways to make your showers in small limited areas. By combining glass enclosures and tile or marble you can make the best of any part of your bath. There are a ton of shower ideas that are out there. The best thing to do when you decide to remodel your bath and add your choice of shower is to contact your local glass contractor to see which style of shower will be a good fit for you.

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