How To Green Your Company Warehouse

Each product handling system needs a warehouse as its instrumental part. All goods that await shipping to a certain destination are stored and preserved here. The workers of a warehouse are in charge of all arranging, packing, sorting out of products in such a manner as to guarantee them safe storage. Within each warehouse there is a lot of manual work involved, simply because there is a lot of receiving and dispatching of goods. Since, there are a lot of costs per a warehouse, this money issue can sometimes be a big problem. So, it’s only normal you’ll dive in into exploring options of saving up and we’ll give our best to help. Further, the warehouse carbon footprints is something you should think of reducing, too and the best way to do it is by observing green technologies. Read through this article to learn about ways to reduce costs in your warehouse and make it a green environment.


Is there anything really green without at least a mention of recycling? Probably not. In a warehouse, there are many items that can be recycled and you should use this opportunity the best way possible. Also, purchase from firms you know are green-aware and respective of our surroundings. These firms are probably into recycling too so you hit two birds with one stone. If you spread the word about finally openly going green and include your collaborators into the story, you will create a buy about going green and therefore raise awareness of many other companies. It may not pick up instantly – but give it time.

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Low to Zero VOC Materials

To avoid pollution, insist that low volatile organic compounds are used when cleaning the warehouse. High VOC materials are those that exceed 50 g/L. Damaging chemicals are contained in them and they pollute the environment immensely. Further, they cause the green house effect. If you are not sure which products to use and stay green, look for those that are certified by the Green Seal and Environmental Protection agency (EPA). 

You’ll also do yourself, your wallet and environment a favor by installing Motion Sensor Lights as they turn on when they sense movement around. Usually, photovoltaic technology is what they are made of so you don’t have to worry – the lights do not stay on where there is no activity. These lights save up to 70 percent of electricity bill, according to research and they be installed together with sensors and timers. These are pretty much critical in regulation of temperature.

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Natural Lightening

Most of warehouse owners tend to forget about the actual utility of natural lightening. If the design of a warehouse is good, natural light will definitely be one of the perks of this space. Use the top roof to install small or big windows to get the light from the sun. Instead of wasting energy n lightning the place with electricity, use natural light, This will be particularly beneficial in the summer, when days are long and there is almost no need for electricity. Even the smallest window of natural light can make a huge difference.

Save on Forklift Mileage

Without a forklift you just have one big inefficient warehouse on your hands. You know that most services, movements of goods, loading and offloading them, etc. are done by a forklift and there is no discussion there. But, forklifts cost money, and a lot of it. If you are still a small business, you don’t have to go and buy several forklifts straight away. You can start with a forklift rental until the business catches on. Also, don’t let the forklift go long distances – all unloading should be done their storage areas to save everyone time, money, energy and be as productive as possible.

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Before you dive in into the going green situation, you must understand we are not talking about a trend here but a lifestyle, something you’ll dedicate your entire living to. Ok, this may sound a big dramatic but then again, the state of our planet is alarming and does call for drama. If you decide to go green, do it because you feel you want o contribute to the environment and not just some colleague or competition of yours did so.

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