7 Areas You Wouldn’t Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

7 Areas You Wouldn't Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

Storage can become a problem in any home. You can eventually start to run out of traditional space to store things. You do not have many other economical options when this occurs. You have to start thinking about unconventional storage spaces. You should know about seven areas where you would not expect to find storage space in the home.

Along the Tops of Your Walls and Closets

Many people forget about the vertical space in the home. The areas along the tops of your walls and closets are going completely unused. You can easily install shelving, pegs or other storage devices to create some addition space. You can fill those areas with nearly anything from shoes and compact discs to books and unused electronics. Take advantage of the vertical space for storage.

7 Areas You Wouldn't Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

On Closet Doors

Many people who open a closet door do not realize that the door itself provides some extra storage space. You could put a hanging organizer on the door full of pockets to hold things. You could put a pegboard on the door to hang your personal possessions. You can use both sides of the door if space is tight. Your closet doors can provide a good amount of extra storage.

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7 Areas You Wouldn't Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

Under Couches and Chairs

There is usually a large amount of unused space underneath the chairs and couches in a home. You can use that space for storage. Start by purchasing some storage boxes that fit inside the space. You can fill those boxes and slide them under the couches and chairs so that they will not be seen. Alternately, the space can be used to store unneeded electronics, folded blankets or other items with a low profile even without boxes.

7 Areas You Wouldn't Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

Around Your Windows

Large windowsills, decorative items and other factors usually mean that there is some space around and under your windows. Always use the space around your windows when you need storage. You can easily cover the unused space with shallow shelving or convert a bay window bed into a hidden storage space. The space above and below the window can be filled with mounted cabinets or other storage devices that look and function great. The window frame can hold small racks or you can put coat hanger along the sides. Do not ignore your windows or plantation shutters in Orlando when looking for extra storage space.

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7 Areas You Wouldn't Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

Inside the Oven

If you do not use your oven very often, then it can be an unexpected place to store your possessions. You can just put items into the oven on the rack. You could also put some items in the broiler compartment. This is a fair amount of storage space. You can actually do this with nearly any appliance that you almost never use such as a dishwasher or a dryer.

7 Areas You Wouldn't Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

Under Your Dining Room Table

Many people do not think of a dining room table as a storage option. The area under the dining room table is frequently completely unused. It is usually so large that it is not even needed to accommodate the people sitting at the table. You can mount one or two boards underneath the table attached to the legs. This provides shelving that is out of the way and not visible.

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7 Areas You Wouldn't Expect To Find Storage Space In The Home

Beneath Shelves and Cabinets

A final unexpected place you can store things is beneath shelves and cabinets. If you have any room under a cabinet or shelf mounted to the wall, then you can take advantage of it. All you need to do is install a drawer or a drawer-like box that folds down. You can line the bottom of every shelf and cabinet with these to increase the amount of storage in the home without taking up any more floor space.

Your home is full of hidden storage areas. You just need to look at the spaces you and your family do not normally use. You can get the most from those areas with some smart storage solutions. Utilizing all the unexpected spaces in your home will greatly increase how much you can comfortably store.

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