Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Garden With LED Pathway Lights

LED Pathway Lights

Lighting forms a vital aspect of the decor process. To give your home a presentable look, equal emphasis need to be paid to interior and exterior lighting. Here are some ways in which you can enhance the look of your garden with outdoor LED lights:

Decide On Your Style

Before you start looking for the available options for pathway lighting,  you will need to decide on the exact lighting style you want to go for. Take a look at the furniture and assemble all items that you like. The colors, design, shape and materials will have to be taken into consideration while selecting a particular lighting style.

Come Up With A Plan

Conceptualize a plan for installing LED lights by first selecting the areas which require lighting and the amount of light they need. Take a few pictures of your garden to decide on the number of pathway light fixtures you will require.

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Your Lighting Fixture Selection

Pathway lights come in different colors, compositions, and styles. It is exposed to natural elements on a daily basis. So, it’s appearance can change over a period. Each pattern of pathway lighting fixture comes with specific properties. So, it would be wise on your part to compare each one of them before selection.


If durability is the major factor that you are emphasizing upon, then you should go for brass light fixtures. Textured brass fixtures usually acquire a golden shade over a period and complement decking and stone. In contrast, polished brass fixtures are not suitable for outdoor lighting as they acquire a darker tone that often gets lost in the background.

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Aluminum light fixtures are available in different colors and come with powder coating. Most aluminum fixtures are black in color, though bronze and green have gained popularity in recent times. Copper light fixtures are bright when new but their color goes through changes over time. The bright finish becomes dull to acquire a muted brown shade, before turning to green patina. These light fixtures complement the overall settings of the garden.

Stainless steel fixtures are also a good alternative for  outdoor lighting. Regular maintenance is necessary to check the buildup of debris. You can make use of stainless steel cleaners available in the market to clean spots and tarnish from light fixtures. Use of phosphatized steel can be a good idea to minimize the iron phosphating process which causes spotting.

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Environment Friendly

Keeping the environment factor in mind, you may go for solar LED pathway light fixtures. Though they are expensive, they do not need electricity to operate.  They are wireless and can also be easily installed. The only issue is to ensure that they are placed in areas with sufficient sunlight to ensure that the battery is well charged.

Compared to solar lighting systems, a low-voltage lighting system is a better option to use for outdoor lighting applications. You will need a transformer to convert line voltage from a 120-volt line into a low voltage current. Lights can be run automatically with the help of a transformer. Low voltage wiring can be easily installed as well.

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