Luxurious Bathroom Ideas

In the interior design world, bathrooms are often the most ignored. This is a shame because almost all your guests usually see the bathroom! It’s also a place that can double as a relaxing spa-like environment with the right design and fixtures. Plus, since most bathrooms aren’t very big, it’s easy to do a lot with a little.

If we’ve convinced you that it’s time to give your bathroom a style overhaul, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a guide to remodel your bathroom for a luxurious taste!

1. Open the cupboards, but hide the plumbing

We love the idea of forgoing the cupboard doors for open cubbies to provide easy access to fresh towels and face clothes. Simply insert removable panels in them to mask the plumbing. This gives a very spa-like visual and can make your bathroom look bigger!

2. Load up on linens

One of the best parts about going to the spa is the crisp, clean linens. Nobody will ever complain about having too many towels, so incorporate a place to store a few extras in your bathroom. For a truly luxurious design, invest in a heater. That way, you’ll always have access to warm hand towels. Your guests will DEFINITELY be returning.

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3. Upgrade the bathtub

Most people will agree that the best part of any bathroom is the tub. For a more luxurious bathroom, forego the traditional tub and opt for an oversized tub with Jacuzzi jets. These are available in a number of looks, from contemporary minimalist (if you’re going for modern spa luxury) or classic regal if you’re a fan of the “in-your-face” luxury.

If upgrading the entire tub isn’t in your budget, another option is building a tub surrounded in wood or marble tile for a very crisp and sophisticated look.

4. Wrap the room in tile

Wrapping your room in tile, including the floors, walls, and even ceiling will unify the area and provide an atmosphere very similar to a spa. Light colours will accentuate the spa vibe. For an extra luxurious feel, go with marble (or faux-marble if you’re decorating on a budget). You can hire a flooring company so that they will help you to choose tiles from a variety of brands and designs. Make sure that the tiling team have enough experience in the industry. Otherwise your bathrooms will endup with cracks.

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5. Heat the floor

Luxury isn’t only for the eyes. We promise that heated tiles will change your life (or at least the life of your feet). There’s nothing worse than crawling out of your warm bed and tip-toeing across the cold bathroom tile in the middle of the night. Try stepping out of a hot bath onto a heated floor once and you’ll definitely be convinced.

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6. Separate the shower from the tub

If you have the space to separate the shower from the bathtub, this can open up a wealth of opportunities for adding a bit of luxury to your bathroom. Skip the traditional corner unit with the sliding doors and opt for a spacious shower. Upgrade your showerhead and even install a few wall jets (yes they exist for showers) and you’ll feel like you’re in a rainforest every time you go to wash your hair.

Mark Clair is a 46 year old interior designer, decorator and planner who worked for Heritage home designs. He is a prolific writer and enjoys putting his thoughts into words on pretty much anything around that evokes an interest in him. Happily married and the father of a new born girl, Mark is now exploring the many little joys and challenges of parenthood. For more information, follow him on twitter.

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