Top Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Subjects

It can be hard work for a new or novice wedding photographer if the subjects are so up-tight that they are practically gurning in every shot. Getting the major players in a wedding party to relax is one of the hardest tasks a wedding photographer has to face, but here are some tried-and-tested tips.

Encourage the Couple to Book an Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot will allow the couple to see how you work and the results you achieve, enabling them to feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera.

Let the Alcohol Flow ‒ Just Enough

You don’t want to end up photographing drunken brides and paralytic grooms but, when discussing the wedding with particularly nervous couples, it can be reassuring to point out how much more relaxed they are likely to feel after their first glass of fizz. Make sure you don’t become known as the wedding photographer in Hampshire ‒ or any other county ‒ who encourages their couples to get drunk, however.

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Point Out the Power of the Flirt

If there is just one tip you give to a couple who want to get the best photographic record of their big day, it is to flirt with each other as if no one is watching. Not only will this make for some great shots but it can also be a great way of combating wedding nerves. The couple can even flirt without it seeming like they are flirting, as described on the Psychology Today website.

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Don’t Fake It

Try to encourage your couples not to overthink what will happen on their big day. Most professional wedding photographers, such as, will tell you that this can lead to photographs that appear fake rather than a natural record of this all-important day. The couple can also check out some top wedding day stress relievers on the Yahoo Health website.

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Concentrate on Each Other and the Rest Will Follow

Couples should be thinking primarily about each other on their big day rather than what the photographer is doing or whether the canapes will be served on time. A couple who can remember this ‒ even if it takes a little prompting from you ‒ are much more likely to enjoy the day and the photographic record you produce.

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