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As the summer holidays approach, you may be wondering how you will get to your destination. Even if you are flying from a UK airport, you will need to navigate the logistics of getting from your home to the airport in time to make your flight.

For those holidaying in the UK, there is always the option to drive to your destination. However many people prefer not to drive long distances and choose to travel instead by coach or by train. If your holiday is taking you from one end of the country to the other then there is also the option of flying with many low cost airlines flying from UK airports to other destinations within the UK.

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Travelling from London

If you are travelling from a London airport, your options to get there include London Underground, dedicated airport trains, regular trains, buses, coaches and taxis. Heathrow Airport is on the Underground but this can be a problem if strikes are ongoing.

It is always advisable to check before you embark on your journey. Alternative ways of getting to Heathrow include the Heathrow Express train service, coach services or taxi. The same options apply for getting to Gatwick, although there is no Underground service to Gatwick. There is a dedicated Gatwick Express train service but it is also possible to get there using the regular train. If you are going to use a taxi for the trip, you should agree a price in advance.

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London’s famous black cabs calculate the cost of the journey as you go and although Uber cabs also do this, reports suggest that these controversial taxis could be even more expensive when tube workers are on strike.

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Travelling Outside London

For those flying from outside the capital, the main option for reaching the airport is usually a cab company which specialises in airport transfers such as which provides Bristol airport transfers. It is advisable to agree a price for the journey when you book your transfer. You will often find that companies have fixed fares for airport transfers making it easier to compare prices from various companies.

It is worth planning your transport well in advance to avoid last minute problems. That way you can relax and just look forward to a fantastic holiday.

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