Why You Should Make Raleigh, NC Your Wedding Destination

Weddings take much planning, it is true. For many it is probably going to be one of the biggest series of decisions they’ll ever need to make in their lives. As well as details such as the cake, the outfits, the photographer, and the guest list, you also need work out the actual venue of the wedding. While secularism is on the rise, churches remain a very popular place to hold a wedding and are usually the first places couples head to.

However, other couples may want somewhere a little further abroad and little more unusual as their wedding destination. In particular, Raleigh, NC, has become highly popular in recent years.

Despite being the state capital, Raleigh is a fairly overlooked city by the majority of tourists, especially those looking for a suitable wedding destination. Quite simply, destinations held to be more glamorous such as New York or Honolulu often come to mind first. Nevertheless, it has recently gained quite a following as a destination for weddings. And why not? The city has a lot to offer for new couples looking to start their new lives together with a bang.

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The City of Raleigh

Being the state capital, Raleigh has many transportation links with the rest of the nation, and that makes it fairly easy to get to. Because it is within the continental United States, as opposed to more far-flung areas such as Hawaii or the Virgin Islands, it also means it is fairly cheap to get to.

It is also entirely possible to avoid the expense and hassle of a long-haul flight to get to the wedding destination – the city has access both to interstate highways and railroads links. Thus, people who do not want to spend a good chunk of their wedding’s budget getting to the venue are free to choose more economical options.

Beyond that, Raleigh is a very cultural city. There are hundreds of museums, art galleries and theatres within the city limits, so as well as your wedding there are plenty of other things to do to help you relax from all the preparation.

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It boasts dozens of high-class restaurants catered for by world-renowned chefs, and so as such if you are worried about catering for your wedding you really need not to. Throw a stone into the city center, and you’ll probably see if fly over half a dozen restaurants and catering companies that are more than adequate to provide nothing short of a feast for your wedding celebrations.

Further the city also holds a wide number of high-quality hotels as well, so accommodating the wedding guests will be no problem at all.

Where to Host

On that note, the venues available for weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners can be found all over the city limits. As well as restaurants, there are also numerous convention buildings, churches, bars and hotels available for rent at reasonable prices. Whether you want a party hosted in the ballroom of an ultra-modern complex, or somewhere a little more traditional and historical, Raleigh is sure to have something to please you as a wedding destination.

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You can even opt to rent out a large tent and host the event in one of Raleigh’s many outdoor venues. Doing so would not only afford you more space, but also give a better opportunity for guests from the two families to mingle and get to know one another.

Host Your Wedding at Raleigh Now

So as you can see, there is no reason Raleigh should not be your chosen wedding destination. The city is scenic, vibrant and fully equipped to provide all your needs for the wedding. All you need to do is choose out a wedding dress, find a good photographer and make arrangements at one of the many wedding venues in the city!

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