Key Traits an Employer Looks For In A Lead App Developer

About to begin the promotion or hiring process of an app developer, and want to make certain the person you choose have the traits you want? Successful app developer who are looking to become leaders,often share the same traits, which is why they enjoy the final out come of a project and success! Let’s take a look at some of these traits in preparation for upcoming interviews:

Passion…and Vision

Passion is required for success with anything, leadership related or not. An app developer who will be leading a project must have passion for what he/she does, as it’s hard to sustain a career otherwise. Conviction that results in steadfast belief in oneself and determination to reach goals are what you want in your next hire, as is the vision to know what is (and isn’t) possible. Part of anleader’s vision is to reach that goal, as it guides them along the way and fuels the proverbial fire. This trait combination is arguably the foundation of any great leader.

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When building an app, creativity may be a bit obvious in terms of what to look for, but that doesn’t make it any less important. A project leadermust be creative in order to come up with new and exciting app and project ideas. Along with being creative a leader needs to be detailed. Most lead developers are very organized and goal driven. Leaders will use graphs, prototypes, and other material to show their creativity in the work place.

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Failure is the other side of the success coin, and all of the greats failed miserably before and during their greatest successes. Failure often sparks new ideas, or adjustments to old ideas. So if working with a lead developerwho cannot tolerate failure, it may be time to hire a replacement.

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A true leader is persistent. As with being tolerant of failure, the person must be able to pick him or herself up and begin again, or have the strength to continue with an idea even in the face of rejection.

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