How To Resolve Your Cat Litter Box Issues

Resolving cat litter box problem is one of the most frustrating behaviors nowadays. Cats are dumb animal, so they cannot talk. But it would be great, if they can convey their messages to pet owner, why they were not using their litter box. There are several reasons cats completely stop or won’t use their litter box all the time. If you are a responsible pet owner, it is your responsibility to find out the reason why they won’t use the litter box.

Cats are very sensitive animals in this universe. They are easily affected by your mood. They might not show it in a way you understand, but if you are stressed or unhappy when you are cleaning the litter box. Sometimes, purchasing a new and scented litter box will help the kitty to use it again.

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Given below are some major issues why cats refuse to use cat litter box. These are:

Clean and Fresh:

Keep your cat litter box clean and fresh so that your cat eagerly interested to use it. Cats are choosy animal in this world. At the same time, cat’s urine is one of the most horrible smells on the earth to remove. To add to the challenge, cats have an extraordinary sense of smell. Once they reject a litter box, they will stop using it for an unlimited time period. So keep it clean to make your kitten comfortable and healthy. Bad odor can make you are kitten unwell that may cause severe diseases.

Brand New Litter Box:

Now the easiest and fastest way to make your cat get attracted towards the cat litter box is adding a brand new litter box with new litter in a new location. You can choose a new brand with a fresh litter. Make sure the litter box is not covered so that your kitten can eliminate comfortably.

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Monitor Your Kitten for One Full Day:  

Being a responsible pet owner, you need to monitor your cat for a full day. You need to track your pet’s activities while using the litter box. If you find any complex you can rectify the problem. If you can keep the litter box in the new location with that kind of litter, your outside box problem may be solved.


If the brand new solution didn’t fix your problems, you need to go to a professional veterinarian. A vet can resolve the problem if your cat are not feeling well or are in the pain. Here are some steps most vets will recommend. These are:

  • A urinalysis to check for detection
  • A urine Culture for elevated bacteria
  • Blood panel or other tests for illness
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Litter Box Preference for your Cat:

After discussing with the vet you can start the process of figuring out the litter box, type of depth of litter, proper cleanliness, style of the box and many more things. You need to clean the cat litter box properly. Dumb all the litter out daily, scrub with a cat enzyme cleaner and replace with 100% clean litter.

Furthermore, your pet’s health is up to you. It is your responsibility to resolve all the issues regarding your pet animal. As a responsible pet owner it is your duty to keep it healthy and safe.

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