HTC One M8: A Perfect Android Phone

While choosing a perfect smartphone, everyone look for the internal configuration and the more important is the design. And there are few brands that actually work on the new design and concept. HTC is one of them, and its HTC One M8 is the perfect solution for such case.

Like its predecessor One M7, the new product HTC One M8 is equipped with an IR transmitter that easily works with home appliances (TV, DVD, home theater). Among other wireless modules note NFC, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0 with support for aptX. To connect to the TV can be used as a DLNA-protocol and MHL. The smartphone application installed Fitbit. To obtain data about you’re movements using built-in sensors

In the test result of various benchmarks the HTC One M8 novelty proved to be very good, something better analogues of something worse. In the game, the user can count on 169 minutes of work. In the reading off all wireless communications, including the transmission of data in the mobile network, and display brightness set to 50%. When listening to music has automatic data synchronization, data transfer. The volume level on 12 of the 15 possible levels. All music files in MP3, 320 Kbit / s.  Navigation includes a route in Google Navigation app. Brightness exhibited 50%, all data communications modules disabled. When playing back video data transfer is active in the mobile network, display brightness set to 50%, the volume level on level 12 of the possible 15 video format MKV, resolution 1024 x 432 points, the frame rate is 24.  Play video Youtube accompanied not only by the work of the network Wi-Fi, but also the active data transmission. Display brightness is set at 50%, the volume level of 12 out of 15 possible levels.

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The HTC One M8 smartphone is equipped with a 5-inches S LCD 3 display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (441 PPI). Information is easy to read in bright sunny day, a minimum level of illumination does not tire your eyes when reading in the dark. Saturated color, white balance closer to the warm tones, however, notice it only when compared to its predecessor, whose color temperature is too high, which is why the image is dominated by cool shades.

Display of the brightness is adjustable from 12.1 cd / m² to 470.2 cd / m², 50% corresponds to 131.2 cd / m². Light sensor and automatic brightness work correctly, reducing to a minimum illumination in the dark and increasing to a maximum in bright light. Contrast ratio 1960: 1 – the maximum amount that we had to meet in IPS-matrix.

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Factory calibration performed well. The color temperature is 6800K in the area, which confirms the subjective evaluation, the color gamut beyond the scope of space sRGB, colors do not mix, the delta value is linearly and in 14 (a good indicator), and only the value of the gamma curve slightly more, making grayscale a bit darker than it should be.

And yes this display of HTC One M8 is pretty good but now HTC engineers have to work on the more efficient display and who knows if HTC would make it possible by the launch of HTC One M10.

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