Record Screen Videos Using Movavi Screen Recorder Software

If you want a good quality screen video recorder software at a reasonable price then you should consider buying Movavi Screen video recorder. It lets you do a lot more that just capture screen videos. You’ll be able to record anything happening on your screen by using this software. The software enables you highlight your mouse pointer and also show what you’re typing in your keyboard. The software lets you record screen videos that appear to be of professional grade at 60 frames per second.

Using the software you’ll be able to record webinars and other things that take place online which you think are worth saving. The software also enables you to manually set the duration of a recording and the software will stop recording after the specified time. This feature enables you to do something else when the recording is going on. Using this software you’ll also be able to record online video calls. The software enables you to record audio as well. Using this software you’ll be able to record audio from multiple sources. If you have a microphone connected with your computer and you want to record your voice you’ll be able to do that using this software. You’ll also be able to record audio that is playing through the speakers of your computer. The software lets you record audio from more than one source at the same time. You will also be able to capture screenshots using this software. You’ll be able to record audio from virtually any audio input or output device connected to your computer.

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The software enables you save a recorded video in any of the most widely used video formats like MP4, AVI etc. usually mobile devices do not support certain video formats. There are presets for many mobile devices included in the software. You’ll only have to specify the model of the mobile device you intend to watch the captured screen video in and the video will be automatically converted to a format that is playable on your device. The software also contains SuperSpeed technology which lets a video conversion take place very fast. This feature is can be found in this software only. You’ll also be able to share a screen capture video online using this software.

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You should know that the software is available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. You’ll be able to buy this software from the Movavi website. You must know that Movavi Screen Capture Software will not let you record videos that are copyright protected. To know more about the software visit the following link:

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