Apple’s New Swift Programming Language A Good Momentum Of Development

Apple’s new programming language, although the swift release just a few months, but a lot of iOS and OS X developers have expressed a good impression on the Swift, these developers, including American Airlines, Getty Images, LinkedIn and Duolingo. Swift obvious advantages of programming languages, development of faster, less applications Bug completed. At the same time, everyone interested in Swift new programming language is increasing.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June last year, was first announced in the Swift programming language, along with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Swift also released last September. Swift’s goal is to accelerate the code, to bring modern programming concepts and prevent common errors cause the application to crash too.

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Apple’s Strategic Investment Swift

Apple CEO Tim Cook said last week: “We have a new programming language, Swift received a very good response, which we did not expect to invent a new programming language that only very few companies can do, we believe Swift. Will have a profound impact on our ecosystem. “Creating a new programming language is a very ambitious task, to obtain the favor of the developer is also very challenging quickly. Apple iOS and OS X platforms as owner and propaganda Swift, but Swift’s design is also very good, can be well integrated with the current development projects, and coexist with Objective-C code.

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The main factor is to attract developers Swift, compared with Objective-C, Swift novice programmers can easily grasp and quickly improve efficiency. Swift borrowed many elements of other programming languages, including Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C #, and CLU. Apple is focused on the performance of Swift, Swift code, and referred to using the search logic written in Objective -C efficiency, faster than 2.6 times, 8.4 times faster than Pyton.

Developers Flock Swift

Cook noted: “Swift released in September last year, as part of a month after the release of Xcode tools.Xcode, downloaded more than 11 million.” Recent reports from RedMonk show Swift’s growing fast, and quickly became the most popular one programming language. RedMonk report in January of this year, Apple Swift access to the most popular programming languages ​​in 25 took only five months, Google Go language then spent five years.

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Let the Swift rapid success of many international universities and schools are already incorporating Swift into their courses, from Germany’s Technical University of Munich to technological de Monterrey in Mexico, Ingésup in France, Aberystwyth University, UK Plymouth University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In addition to Swift has launched courses at Stanford University, there are many American universities began teaching courses Swift.

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