Samsung Galaxy S6 Innovative Features, Specifications and Release Date

Samsung, the smartphone tech giant supported by Google Android is all set to unleash its biggest and meanest beast till date- Samsung Galaxy S6. The development of this speculated ‘extremely different’ smartphone has been given the codename of Project Zero, one of the most secret tech development designations for Samsung. Samsung, back to the basics and facing challenges from smart phone designers all over the world had to go back to its drawing board to come up with its next big thing and it came up with its Project Zero.

So in the present day, Apple has already taken years to come up with a bigger sized phone and with increasing competition from China, Samsung would need to show up well prepared for the on-going race. With the Korean firm betting so much on its latest introduction to the market (yet to be made), it can only be imagined what mind blowing specifications and amazing features the Samsung Galaxy S6 would offer.

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The Difference

One thing has been made quite certain by the developers and officials of the company- S6 would be indeed exquisitely different type of smartphone which would be one of its kind. Well, this statement was good enough to push the search ratings and rankings of S6 after concept phones. Undoubtedly, experts and people are expecting it to be a beast, one hell of a performer.

With some of the pictures and speculations already doing the round on web, some of the changes and new features have been noticed in the all new S6:

  • Rugged smart phone- waterproof and scratchproof to a great extent.
  • Unibody exterior giving it one amazing look
  • Double stereo speakers- louder and much better
  • Wider better display (as expected)
  • Bent 3d screen (well, that is great)

It is rumoured that Samsung is going to ditch the conventional Poly-carbon compounds for its body and go with Aluminium styled exterior. One thing is for sure, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will give the best of Apple’s a run for their money.

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Coming to the expected tech features that would actually make the S6 quite invincible for quite a long time in the market are as follows:

  • Extremely light weight( ~115gm) for easy portability
  • Ultra resolution 4K display(3840 x 2160 pixels), a long way to go from the ones in S4 and S5
  • 16 and 18 are not too ambitious, it might have a 20 MP high quality camera to get the best of images
  • A 7-8 MP front facing HD camera with a sensor for video chat or calling is surely expected
  • As mentioned earlier, it would be tough to beat it. Waterproof up to 100m, 2 bar pressure
  • Flexible/bendable screen for immersive viewing – an all new introduction into the world of smart phones
  • Mega powered long standing 4000 mAh monster battery
  • An amazingly fast and capable Samsung Exynos 800 processor(Hexcore)
  • RAM would be of 4GB
  • Tougher and better scratch proof corning Gorilla Glass 3.
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As far as the OS is concerned, S6 might feature the latest Android Lollipop or Milkshake. It is being rumoured that Samsung might go on with its own Operating software Tizen, which would be a huge move against its long standing partner Google Android. Dimension are expected to be 152.5x 70.1 x 6.8 mm and the phone is expected to have NFC, Wireless Charging.

Well, all these latest technology news and specs make it quite evident that Samsung is eager  and all set to take the smart phone market by storm with its innovative plans and design of the Galaxy S6. The amazingly smart and different S6 would not come at an easy price and is expected to cost you at least 700 USD. The Korean manufacturer has announced the unveiling of the ‘Project Zero’ in early weeks of March 2015 at the Mobile World Congress.

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