Next Generation Of Managed Services For Better IT Security

The newest trend in the world of services is hiring companies and agencies outside your own company and organization to monitor some parts of your business for you. The advantage of such an approach lies in the price and operability. Imagine that your own company needs to establish a completely new division whose job is going to be handling the software of the company. Now try to think what it would look like if every school or hospital or a small private business made their own divisions for software maintenance or their own plumbing service. If we just listen to our common sense, it is clear that such a business policy would be incredibly expensive and, what is more, less efficient.

IT Security Under Surveillance

What happens in the real world is reflected into the virtual world and the other way around. Just as further diversification of duties and services is in progress in real-life companies, the virtual space also responds in a similar way. In the field of IT security, the things are happening even at a faster pace, since threats to virtual security are always highly updated.

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Even huge and powerful systems, like multinational companies and governments have problems with third parties breaking into their systems, stealing their confidential materials. It is obvious that the strategies they have been using up to now are not enough and that they should also turn to managed services when it comes to IT safety.

Why is an MSSP More Efficient?

The straightforward answer is: because it offers professional support. If your business is highly professional and skillful at making military maps and you are best at it in the whole state, it does not mean that the same group of people can maintain a nuclear reactor. A managed security service provider usually has a developed and supported net of outsourcers and cooperators. They often have their own servers (or they rent them) and the whole entourage for your respected sites. Also, MSSPs have different divisions for different security issues, but they all function as an integrated security operations centre (SOC). These security providers collect data about visits and all the odd situations during a visitor’s stay on your site. If they spot something suspicious or an obvious irregularity, the SOC alerts the division in charge of that problem and the action starts at once. Imagine how long it would take for an individual or a couple of them to react properly on a server that is shared with other businesses. Virtual private servers are also one of the features that improve the overall security of your site, thanks to its scalability to your specific needs.

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Manage your IT via Cloud

In the future, the amount of data that will need transfer can only grow on the global level. Due to the flourishing need for more storage space in the cyberspace, managed services fill find their way to clients in managing the cloud, too. For those who will be able to pay the service, the MSSP will secure a faster and safer data transfer. Just as everything in the real world is leaning towards being charged per single use, the same thing is going on in the virtual world. In order to keep you data safe, you sites and files alive and your business on a winning streak, you have to keep the pace with the times and accept new business trends.

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Author’s bio: Dan Radak is Hosting and virtual private servers security specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in couple of Web Hosting companies. Lately interested in web design. In his free time he making homegrown beer. You can reach him on Twitter.

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