Resolving Common Gmail Issues

Gmail remains one of the most popular email services and it is used by billions of people, from various age groups. From corporate executives to your neighborhood teenager, this is one email service everyone is so fond of! Gmail is easy to use, offers robust security features and Google has made it laden with features over time. You can access several popular Google online services from the Gmail UI as well. However, at times, you may have to cope with Gmail functionality issues.

Some Common Gmail Issues and Ways to Resolve Them

Below listed are a few Gmail usage and functionality issues that you may confront, both at home or workplace. With proper troubleshooting methods, it is not tedious to resolve these problems.

  • Lockdown in Sector 4
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This is something many Gmail users have come across occasionally! It can be caused by

  • Extensive POP- email activity in short duration
  • Using third party apps to log into Gmail and failure
  • Sending plenty of invalid email messages
  • Repeated Gmail login failures into a their account

These acts can trigger alarm at the Gmail service. However, the solution is not tedious. You can:

  • Wait for a period, maybe a day in extreme cases.
  • Disable third party apps to access Gmail.
  • Ask Google to look into the matter online.
  • Gmail access problems

At times, you may have hardship in opening Gmail and repeated attempts yield no result. In such situations, you can

  • Clean the cookies and cache of your web browser, IE or others.
  • Turn on JavaScript and cookies, no matter which web browser you use.
  • Check the network connection.
  • Try Gmail’s basic HTML view. This can help if your connection is too slow.
  • Try Google’s own Gmail troubleshooting at
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  • DNS Error

Some Gmail users also come across DNS error while trying to access their accounts. It can actually indicate broad range of web access problems. In such issues, you can

  • Check loading other websites since DNS error may indicate issue with the ISP.
  • Reset the router and modem to see if it helps resolve DNS issues.
  • Clear the browser cache.

Resort to Gmail Help Center

 The Gmail Help center contains plenty of resources that can be used to identify and troubleshoot Gmail issues. There are plenty of resources available there and you can search category wise too. There is a section named ‘Known issues’ that contain most commonplace Gmail problems. You can report to Google if such problems are bugging you.

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 Check the Web Browser

A lot of Gmail users may not be aware of this but the web browser may be responsible for reduced Gaul functionality. Officially, Google supports IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari for Gmail. Chrome, made by Google itself is the only web browser to support Gmail Offline feature. The desktop notification feature is not supported by IE. Sometimes using certain browser extensions can lead to Gmail performance. Disabling those add-ons can help enhance problems.

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