iPhone 6s: Next Generation iPhone Will Use 3D Technology

Even though Apple has not officially anything on its next flagship, “Economic Daily News” indicates that Apple’s suppliers will provide a 3D touch technology for the next generation iPhone. Avago Tech companies from the United States, is a Key customer of Apple, will be the major supplier of iPhone 6s of 3D touch technology, the news from the supply chain said. It is worth mentioning that the recent news from Taiwan tech news and BBC News noted that the next generation iPhone may use push technology used in similar Apple Watch, which is mentioned above 3D touch screen that around the use of microelectrodes to distinguish between tap and pressure.

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With the Watch, the apple has developed a unique system that can make the difference between a swipe and a marked pressure. With the Touch Force, the watch can determine the level of pressure off our fingers on the screen. If one believes seemingly sources close to the production lines, Apple has the intention to propose the same thing with his next phone. To offer the same thing, and apply the same process.

Avago Tech news sources mentioned already involved in the early development of the Wii gesture sensor technologies. If the iPhone 6S will be released in autumn, maybe now exposed supplier name a bit too early.

iPhone 6s will be able to Detect the Pressure of our Fingers on the Screen?

The iPhone 6s could be equipped with a similar system, this time presented as 3D Touch. Better, the company has even found its supplier, and his choice would be focused on a US box named Avago Tech. Not bad, but the question whether this feature will have a significant impact on the usability of the next version of iOS.

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And then, there is no mystery, it will take the next leaks to find out.

In the meantime, know that the iPhone 6s should look like its predecessor, with two or three little things more. It would include the right to a new, faster and more RAM chip. The sensor does not gain in definition by cons, but it would still be able to take better photos with a couple of odds and more.

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On the technology itself, the use of technology in the iPhone will push us? And some of the options on the menu, click on the conflict? Using this technique in such a small screen on the watch may be more reasonable? There are still many months before the terminal is presented by its manufacturer, and a lot of things can still change. So it will be better to take all this information for what they are: mere rumors.

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