How to Cut the Cost of Your Holiday by 10%

There are a number of myths surrounding the current quest everyone seems to be on to find the very best holiday deal for late spring and summer, but how can you really cut the cost of your holiday to give you much more money for spending on the things you and your family enjoy the most? We reveal the secrets that could just score you a cheaper holiday.

Consider a cancellation holiday

Whilst many of us have heard of and even tried last minute deals for ourselves, the cancellation holiday is a different concept altogether. As the name implies, a cancellation holiday is a deal that can be booked after another holidaymaker has cancelled their flights, accommodation or the whole package.

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By booking a cancellation holiday via a reputable agent such as Cheap Beach Holidays you can unlock huge discounts and fly away to the destination of your choice. Cancellation holidays to a variety of destinations are available from as little as £99 per person, even in the summer holidays and half-term breaks!

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Stick to package deals

For many years, holidaymakers have been debating whether it’s cheaper to book a package deal or book flights, accommodation and other holiday extras separately. But it has been confirmed by a number of industry experts that going for a package holiday is in fact the way to a bargain. Choose package holidays when visiting traditional destinations, and stick to the standard seven, 10 or 14 night stay to harness exclusive discounts of 10% and the rest.

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Book late or early

Opting for a cancellation holiday often means that you have to be available within four to eight weeks of departure to undertake an offer. However, as well as booking late to take advantage of the best deals via last minute and cancellation holidays, you can also book early.

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