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Among the most famous and beautiful seaside resorts in Europe, Rimini counts as being one of the most beautiful. Situated on the Adriatic coast, it has fifteen kilometres worth of beaches alone. In terms of the number of tourists that it draws annually each year, it can easily be considered the biggest seaside resort in Italy at the very least and certainly one of the major ones in Europe. Paired with the tranquillity of the Adriatic Sea, its vibrant nightlife stands out vividly in terms of its glamour. The Rimni beaches ( are littered with clubs with partying going on well into the night.

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A City of Historical Signifigance

Besides this, Rimini has significant historical significance. Italy was the centre of one of the greatest cultural movements in human history which was the Renaissance. Rimini has several monuments dating back to renaissance Italy. It has also several artifacts from the same time which are stored in the museums and put up for display. Rimini has preserved its cultural past and the monuments and architecture still evoke a feeling of history.

Other things that Rimni has to Offer

And these still do not make up all that Rimini has to offer. There is a whole assortment of cultural activities that go on all the year round in which local populace exhibit some of their cultural traits. For people wishing to imbibe the local flavour and imbibe the essence of the place, intermingling with the people and watching the different activities that go on in the different corners of the city is another option that they can pursue.

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Every year during the summer, the city also hosts a cultural festival in which artists worldwide come to participate. There are theatrical performances, visual art exhibitions and of course a lot of music. Tourists who visit the city during this time may find it to be even more lively and vibrant than it usually is. Thus we see that Rimini has a whole host of flavours to choose from.

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