Why Proposing On Valentine’s Day Is Too Cliche’

You have been dating that special someone for a little over a year now and you are completely, unconditionally, head over heels in love with each other. February is just around the corner, and you are thinking of popping the question on Valentine’s Day. What could be more romantic? Right? Let me stop you right there.

Do not do it. Aside from New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is the most obvious day of the year to propose. It is not an original or clever idea. A Valentine’s Day proposal is predictable, it is redundant, and it is definitely too cliché.

A Woman’s Expectations

Women expect men to put much thought into how they will propose. When someone asks to hear the story of your engagement, you want to be able to tell an original story that is sweet and memorable rather than just saying, “We got engaged on Valentine’s Day”. The day you choose to propose to your significant other should be a special day and a day that you and your love will cherish.

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You do not want to have the same engagement date and story as millions of other people. Valentine’s Day is a day full of love and romance, but do not be cliché. Clichés are called clichés for a reason, you know? I am not saying that women would be upset and turn down the proposal just because it was on Valentine’s Day, but it is an idea that is so overdone.

The Perfect Proposal

Why settle for a mediocre proposal when you can have an amazing one with an amazing story to tell for years to come? You do not want your proposal to be expected; you want it to be a romantic surprise. There is usually enough pressure on Valentine’s Day without adding the extra pressure of pulling off the perfect engagement. It is so much better for a man to propose on his own time instead of feeling pressured into doing it.

A genuine proposal will be the best proposal. It is a symbol of your everlasting love. It is a moment you will never forget. It should be personal and represent your relationship with each other thus far and also your hopes for your future together. It should be heartfelt and meaningful. The perfect marriage proposal is an opportunity to show your significant other how much you love them, how much they mean to you, and how serious you are about spending the rest of your lives with each other.

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Don’t Be So Cliché

The Valentine’s Day proposal is an idea that has been used over and over again for many years. Honestly, it is almost like taking the easy way out. A woman wants her engagement day to be all about the great love story that is your life. Popping the question on a day that so many other people also plan to do the same thing will make it feel like everyone is stealing your thunder.

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Planning the way that you will propose to the person you love most in the world gives you a chance to demonstrate how much thought and effort went into the special moment and will be a moment that is forever cherished. Avoid the cliché and cheese ball proposal. Do not be the guy that puts the diamond engagement ring in a glass of champagne or the guy who hides the stunning ring in her chocolate cake.

I mean seriously, why dirty a ring that you spent thousands of dollars on? The more personal you make this beautiful moment, the better. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but proposing on Valentine’s Day is definitely a cliché you should try to avoid.

The writer, Anna Donato, fondly remembers he wedding day, and writes on the side to help other couples to have the best possible wedding possible. For additional ideas, she recommends visiting weddings-magazine.com. You can learn more about Anna on Google+.

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