How To Give Your Cat A “Pedicure”

How To Give Your Cat A “Pedicure”

Your cat may be pedicured by mobile cat groomers, but it will cost you a little bit. Why don’t you do this at your own home when the same process is done within the mobile cat groomers? It’s simple and comfortable for you and for your cat too, as cats don’t like any stranger to touch them. Literally, some people don’t know that whether their cat’s nails should be trimmed or not and it’s harsh to believe that they also don’t know that why their cat scratches the ground. If many of the readers also don’t know, then let me just tell you that just like our nails, cat’s nails also need to be trimmed after almost every two weeks.

One thing I want to mention is that it may seems to be less time consuming, going to mobile cat groomers for pedicure of your cat rather than doing that same pedicure at home. But it’s really annoying for your cat because they don’t want any other person to touch them and letting someone touch their feet, is much difficult to accept for cat itself.

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So there are few steps to give your cat a best and safe pedicure.

  • Heuristic: It is better that you introduce the clipper when a cat is in initial ages (a kitten). But if you missed the chance and your kitten is now your cat or if you adopted the cat as an adult, then no problem! It will take some time.
  • Introducing Trimmer: Most people just pick up the clipper and start clipping harshly, that’s not the way. Let your cat become used to the clipper. Now it’s your job to let your cat get used to it by touching/pressing gently cat’s feet with your hands and also with a clipper.
  • Treat-strategy: After pressing your cat’s feet with a clipper, give her a treat. This treat-strategy will let your cat believe in you. This process is slow and may take your time, more than 2-3 weeks, but it’s effective too.
  • Let’s Do This: Once your cat gets familiar with the clipper, it’s now time to do the real job. Hold your cat and press her paws gently so that the nails become visible. Then clip the nail softly by using clippers that are made only for cats. Don’t use those which are designed for us because it split the nails of cats. Now the most important question is how to clip nail? Well, there’s a proper way of clipping your cat’s nails. When the nail is fully visible, you will see the pink area near the emerging end of the nail. This pink part (quick) contains blood vessels and nerves, don’t cut that area. Just trim the sharp end of the nail as shown in the picture below.
  • Same for all Nails: Repeat all the mentioned steps for all other nails. And at the end, don’t forget to give your cat a treat!
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