Menstrual cups have added a new dimension to menstrual management

Menstrual management methods have improved so much that women who used to look upon menstrual cycles as a period of abstinence from work and normal life are now happy that they can take everything in their stride. Besides issues like abdominal pain during menstrual cycles, the discomfort and inconvenience of handling menstrual products have been a cause of concern for a long time. Frequent trips to restrooms to change pads are inconvenient enough and being unable to do it on time can cause even greater embarrassment.   The biggest embarrassment comes from the fear of staining garments due to leakage or overflowing sanitary products.

Discreetly handling sanitary products is not always easy because it is often a noisy affair when you unwarp pads that can be embarrassing enough. Moreover, things can become messy, if there is no proper arrangement for disposal of sanitary products. You are at your wits end how to tackle such a situation, not knowing how to go about it.  It is the same whether you are using sanitary pads or tampons because changing is required for both.

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The right protection

To make things extremely convenient for women in managing menstrual cycles, healthcare companies have come up with a unique solution of using menstrual cups that does not need frequent changing. Unlike other sanitary products, whether internal or external, menstrual cups are entirely different because it is the only menstrual product that does not depend on fluid absorption. Instead, the cup what you find at collects menstrual blood that users can pour out at the much-delayed interval, maybe once during the day depending on the flow. The cup can remain inside the body continuously for 10 hours after which you must remove, wash and clean it for re-use.  Menstrual cups provide the perfect protection that women need during their monthly cycles.

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It is nothing new

Menstrual cups are no new discovery because it has been in use since the 19th century although not as widely as today.  Age old midwives had made use of menstrual cups in a restricted way but only very recently that it has become a very trending menstrual product that is completely safe and healthy to use. The new kind of bell-shaped menstrual cup that we see today is the result of scientific research aimed at providing better products for managing menstrual cycles more conveniently without the hassles of frequent changing. Fewer or minimal changes offer great relief to women who can pursue their activities without any distraction.

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Healthy, hygienic and safe

Since menstrual cups like tampons are for internal use, it is natural that women are concerned about its safety and hygiene. The concern is quite understood because tampon use can lead to TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome due to bacteria growth from the tampon material. However, there are no health issues with menstrual cups because these are made for medical grade silicone that is like a second skin and fits inside the body perfectly.

Being free from fibers and harmful chemicals, the cups are completely friendly to human health.


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