Health Benefits Of Beer

It’s been said that the oldest known recipe on the planet the recipe for beer, which was found in some ancient Egyptian ruins. In fact back then beer was even used as a currency in Egypt, which shows that it has been one of the world’s most coveted beverages from the very beginning. Despite the reputation it might have, beer actually does have some benefits to it that might make you change how you think about it. Below are some interesting facts about one of our favorite alcoholic liquids.

1. Thanks to the yeast in the product, beer is actually loaded with B vitamins. As a bonus, if the beer is unfiltered it is especially full of vitamins B6, B3 and folic acid which helps prevent colon cancer. In addition to that, vitamins B3 and B6 have shown to be useful for women by aiding them with PMS symptoms.

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2. According to research completed at University of Alcala in Spain, having two beers a day can help you prevent getting Alzheimer’s disease. The reason for this is because beer is high in silicon, which when taken in large doses prevents too much aluminum absorption in the brain. Alzheimer’s is aided by the aluminum to develop, so this way of limiting it is to your benefit in the long run.

3. Beer is extremely rich in fiber, especially the dark beers. In fact in the average 12 ounce bottle of beer is approximately 1 gram of soluble fiber, which is known to lower forms of cholesterol. In addition to this, fiber is a natural laxative, and it also slows down the speed of food departing from your stomach. In return this can suppress your appetite and slow down your intake of food.

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4. Beer that is consumed moderately can also help you prevent getting heart disease by relieving stress.  A study done by the Mayo Clinic showed that alcohol is a contributor for reducing the chances of dying of a heart attack or a stroke.

5. Your muscles are able to benefit from beer because the hops used to make it have a substance that keeps them from wasting away. Who would have thought that just by having a couple of beers you are helping your muscles stay away from deterioration?  On top of that, as long as you can control yourself from not becoming a heavy drinker, beer actually makes your bones strong. Scientists at Tufts University did some research and found that people who moderately drink beer and wine have a higher bone density.

6. The Mayo Clinic has also stated that beer drinkers are less likely to develop gallstones than the average person. Basically, some of the ingredients in the beer work together to combat and destroy cholesterol, so that means having a couple beers a day can prevent gallstones. The study done at the Mayo Clinic showed results that proved that beer was helpful by the reduced number of gallstones in beer drinkers as opposed to non-beer drinkers.

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7. Last but not least, beer is a fantastic way to loosen up at a social event. If you’re feeling shy or nervous, why not have a couple of brews to help calm you down and be able to relax so that you can enjoy the event?

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