Why You Shouldn’t Delay Reporting A Workplace Injury

Every single day, hundreds of workers are hurt on the job. Whether due to a traumatic event, a gradual injury that developed over time or exposure to dangerous fumes or chemicals, a large portion of those injured either delay reporting their injury or choose to not do so until it’s too late.

How Late Is Too Late?

In the UK, workers who have been injured while performing any task that was asked of them or is part of their job, have three years to seek compensation from their employers. While this is a generous amount of time, the longer you wait to report and seek compensation for your injury throughout those three years, the less likely it may be for you to receive the full compensation you would otherwise be entitled to.

  • Keeping Track of Your Injury
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An individual can forget a lot of specific events and issues over the course of three years.  Those who receive the fastest and greatest compensatory benefits through worker’s compensation are those that report their injury quickly and keep track of all of the small details. Individuals who stay on top of their injury will make note of the date of their injury, as well as the time and any witnesses. They will know when they saw which doctor and when, as well as which medications or course of treatment they were prescribed. They will have kept track of what days they missed work due to their injury without needing to rely on their employer (who may be less than willing to freely offer such information).

  • Keeping Track of Receipts
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Another large part of making a claim involves keeping track of receipts.  The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll:

  1. Have kept receipts proving the amounts you paid for your treatment; and/or
  2. Be able to recover any past receipts from medical, transportation and treatment providers.

Each missed receipt is money out of your pocket, money which you should have otherwise been able to recover.

  • Alleviate Any Fraudulent Claim Concerns

When an injured worker waits an extended period of time to make a claim or alert his or her manager or employer of an injury, naturally there arises a concern that a fraudulent claim is being made. While the truth should be in the details and most genuine claims can be proven by a trusted solicitor at the law office of Russel Worth (www.russellworthsolicitors.co.uk), there may be a costly delay in receiving the financial compensation.

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Timely reporting of your injury is key in receiving fast and fair compensation. As an employee, it is your right to take advantage of the benefits offered by worker’s compensation if you are injured on the job. Take care to act promptly and to advise your supervisor or employer of your injury as soon as it happens, or as soon as you are aware that a gradual or exposure injury you are suffering is the result of a workplace incident.

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