Car Servicing Deals or Local Garage, Which Is Best?

Many people are under the impression that getting their cars serviced and fixed by a local garage or a fast-fit outlet would cost them much less than what would have cost at the dealers’. Therefore many take their cars for regular servicing, to the local garages with the hope that they are saving money. Regular servicing of any car would increase its longevity and also help maintain the other parts of the vehicle as well. Similar services are offered at all three modes of car servicing, i.e. the dealer, the local garage and the fast-fit outlets.

Car Servicing in Singapore

Car servicing Singapore too comes with the same three methods. But so long people have been under the impression that by taking their cars to the local garages for repairs and regular services they are saving on a lot of money. But this is not an entirely true concept as well. On a level of competition the dealers are as much efficient as that of any independent garage. But the independent garages are actually much cheaper than the dealers in repairing work as well as regular servicing as well. Car servicing promotion presents a similar scenario for regular car services. The dealers offer different car repair packages at competitive rates in the market as well for the purpose of promotion and advertisement. The present day pictures of car servicing dealers have changed to a lot of extent and the dealers now offer value servicing and have also managed to maintain its added benefits as well.

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The Dealer car services are much more professional and get the job done faster than the independent garages fast-fit outlets. It is also not necessary that the garages would come cheaper than most dealers. Infact many of the standard garages in Singapore often charge way more than the dealers on a number of occasions. Electrical work is done better at the company car dealers as the trained professionals do a much better job because of their better familiarity in the cars of the companies.

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For those looking to repair brakes or the exhaust work may not like to shun down the leadership as it would nonetheless cost very expensive even if done at the local garages. Same goes for clutch repair or if the owner is planning to change the timing or cam belt. There whether to go for the professional company dealers or local garages, one needs to decide that depending on the requirements.

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