5 Tips For Better Smartphone Photography

Learn more about your smartphone's camera options to take photos like a pro.

Want to utilize your smartphone camera to the best of its abilities? Check out these easy and useful tips for taking great pictures on your smartphone. Soon, you’ll be snapping pics on the go like a pro.

Download Apps

Although your smartphone includes a built-in camera, you may be better off downloading a camera app to use instead. Many available camera apps are free to download and include features similar to those found on professional cameras. Read reviews about the top camera apps and choose the one that you feel works best for your needs. Play around with the app’s features and compare the results to pictures taken with your phone’s built-in camera.

Pay Attention to Settings

According to Digital Cameras are Getting Ditched for Smartphones, 81% of Americans used their smartphones for photography in August 2014. But not all of those smartphone users are utilizing the proper settings on their phones. Begin taking better phones by paying attention to the settings of your camera, whether you’re using the phone’s built-in camera or a camera app.

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Settings such as brightness, flash and others can influence the final photo. Also, by adjusting the parameters properly before taking a picture, the final image may require less editing.

Use the Editing Features

Similar to downloading a camera app for your smartphone, you may benefit from downloading a photo-editing app. Again, your smartphone likely includes built-in photo editing options, but many apps are available to take your editing efforts to the next level.

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Start by knowing your editing needs. For example, if selfies are the main types of photos that you’ll be editing, you may benefit the most from downloading a selfie-editing app. Become familiar with the filters included in the app as well as the other features so that you can use the app to the best of its abilities.

Use the Focus Feature

Many smartphone cameras allow you to tap and hold the photo’s subject while taking a picture. Doing this will maintain the camera’s focus on a particular spot until you take the picture. This simple trick can help you take better photos that are more in focus. Along with ensuring proper focus, play around with the depth of field to achieve more interesting pictures.

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Play with Angles

Rather than taking standard, straight-on images, begin playing around with the angles of pictures you take with your smartphone. For example, you could tuck the photo’s subject off to the right or left side of a photo for a more appealing look. Angle the camera slightly above a subject along with a slight tilt to play with focus and other composition elements. The angle at which a photo is taken can also influence the final lighting, which can spell the difference between an average pic and a great one.

Don’t settle for bad photos from your smartphone. Instead, download picture apps, choose the right filters and more to start taking better smartphone pics.

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