Upcoming Events In New Delhi In First Weekend Of March

New Delhi is the capital city of India- the seat of the government of India’s legislative, judicial and executive branches. Housing around 11 million people, it is a centre of much activity. There are all kinds of events being held in Delhi, from sporting to religious and cultural activities.

In the first weekend of March, here is a roundup of interesting events slated to be held in the city:

  • Desi Warrior: This is India’s own top rated obstacle race. It consists of a 5 Plus km track with varied features from brushy terrains to desert trails sure to keep you on the edge and cause some heavy adrenaline rush. The obstacles featured will test your stamina, mental fortitude and different muscle groups’ strength. The warrior arena also features lots of fun activities like live local bands, camel and elephant rides, games and competitions. It will be held on Sunday, March 1st from 7 am to 8 pm.
  • How to Produce Great Ideas? This is an event to be held from 10 am, March 1st to 6 pm. This is an event meant to stimulate the right brain activity in participants. Do you face the need to generate ideas? Brainstorming is one way to do this. Talkwiz Public Speaking Club is organizing a workshop on “How to Produce Great Ideas,” which will introduce you to a wide range of thinking processes. It will be held at Karnataka Sangha.
  • Inland Cyclathon: GWH Welfare Foundation brings an Inland Cyclathon 2015 in Delhi and Mumbai. The cyclathon will be held on March 1st in Delhi.
  • Holi Festival: Holi is a spring festival and a festival of colors. It is an ancient Hindu festival that has become popular with South Asians of all faiths. “Delighted Journey” near Leela Palace hotel, Chanakyapuri is the venue of this week long festival from 1st March to 6th March.
  • Free Women’s Self-Defense Training Camp: Delhi has high rate of violence against women. Aiko Dojo is holding a free self defense camp for women, especially designed by Sensei Paritos Kar. The program is easy to learn and easy for execution. Attention will be given to individual participants. Duration is 2 days a week, lasting 8 weeks and commencing from March 02, Monday and Friday, to be hosted at Thyagaraj Sports complex.
  • Road Trip to Neemrana Fort: Neemrana Fort is a 15th century fort, around 125 km from Delhi. This spot offers the adventure sport of manual zipping or flying fox. This is a road trip commencing from INA metro station and all meals will be had at roadside Dhaabas. Entry to the fort is free for those indulging in Flying fox sport.
  • Sunday-Yoga Intensive: To be held from 8 am, March 1st, it is a workshop of intensive yoga techniques ranging from Surya Namaskaram to meditation. It will help de-stress your life.
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It costs Rs.750 per person.

  • Safe in Delhi: A Workshop for Self Defense: Crime in Delhi is on the rise. Learn to master KRAV MAGA, an Israeli self defense and combat technique used by crime fighters all around the world. Venue is Delhi Rock, Greater Kailash, at 8 am on March 01.
  • Royal Mavericks Hosting Delhi Bike Fest: An action packed day for music lovers, bike enthusiasts, and adventure lovers.
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These are some of the exciting events in New Delhi to be held in the first weekend of March that will capture your heart and imagination.

Author’s Bio: She is a freelance journalist based in Delhi. She keeps updated on the various cultural and sporting events in the New Delhi. She contributes articles to websites such as eventshigh.

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