Ed Sheeran – The Cutest Singer

Ed Sheeran – The Cutest Singer

Ed Sheeran is the cutest singer we have ever seen. And with time he becomes more cute and adorable. The cute face is completely complimented by his humble personality, and we admire him because of his similarity with Ron Weasley.There is no doubt in my mind that we all love him, all due to his amazing talent with singing and lyrics writing. So, are you a big fan of Ed Sheeran? Then look no further and grab his hongkong concert tickets now!

What’s more, we love about him? Almost everything! The list starts from his hair and finishes with a cute smile. Moreover, he is a great lady charmer and why not he should be? The amount of talent, he carries is just phenomenal.

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Just at age 21, Ed Sheeran aka Edward Christopher Sheeran has conquered more ground than any other singer out there. He came into limelight when he released his independent extended play called the No.5 Collaboration Project. And, he conquered the whole stage with the release of his first album, the plus. The album gave us the glimpse of promise he carries, his two songs “The A Team” and “Lego House”.

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“The A Team” won millions of heart for the message he wanted to propagate through the song was clear and concise. In our society, everyone is full of pain and lots of people make their decision out of circumstances.

He is also done lots of tours in his short career. His famous tours include the Red Tour. The 2nd grand success came with the release of the album titled “X”  and it took the UK Albums charts of the shore, ranking number one. The album also made waves in the US Billboard 200.

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Ed Sheeran is also active in philanthropy and raised a mammoth amount of £40,000, all for the needs of street sex workers. Later, he joined a charity ground called Band Aid 30 and released a new version of his old track “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”.

His assets include a big farm in Suffolk.

Ed Sheeran is a gem of a person and has shown his potential with 14 awards out of 59 Nominations. He is cute, humble, a great singer and overall an amazing personality. Let’s wait and watch what he has in stored for us in future!

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