When To Buy A New Air Conditioner

One of the things in our homes that we tend to take for granted until it breaks is our air conditioning unit. While they are built to last many years, and they most often do, there will come a time when you will find that you need to replace it. However, most people like to use their utilities until the very end, but if you know what symptoms to look out for then you will have a better idea of when the unit is on it’s last leg.

1. The first thing to consider is how many years your air conditioning system has been in your home. If you know that it is at least 10 years or older, it’s probably time to at least start thinking about buying a new system. Even though replacing an entire air conditioner can be quite costly, it is often better to get a brand new one when the time is right to save on further expenses such as high price repairs.

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2. You will know when your air conditioner is starting to get outdated when the cost for repair is much more than it used to be. As years go by, newer models are created and updated, which means so are their parts. Much like with cars and electronics, older models slowly become obsolete and it can be difficult and expensive to find that replacement part that is no longer in production. In turn, it costs the repair company a lot of money to track down those parts, and then they need to charge more to make a profit on it. In some cases, it may be that finding certain parts to repair your air conditioning system might cost more than just replacing it.

3. Another way to tell your air conditioning unit is on the verge of extinction is when it starts to have frequent breakdowns. If it’s doing funny things at least once a month or so it may be time to get rid of the old and in with the new. Calling the company once or twice per an air conditioner’s lifetime is enough, so if you are doing it a lot more often, then that it may be time to just say goodbye to it. Aside from all the cost of the parts you need, you are also paying for the person’s time out to your house on each visit.

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4. An older air conditioner can be more than just inefficient at keeping your house cool, but it can be very expensive for you in the energy department was well. All units have what is called a “SEER rating”, and in recent years it has been mandated that all models produced have a SEER rating of at least 13. If you have a repairman over and they tell you that your air conditioner has an SEER number lower than 13, then getting a whole new system might lower your electric charges as well.

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5. If your air conditioner uses Freon, you may have noticed that it is getting more and more pricey to refill it when you need it. That is because the government has issued a change with this in order to conserve energy throughout the nation. Instead of Freon, newer models have all switched over to using a new refrigerant called R410A. This is what your newer model will have, and now only will it cost less to refill when you need it, but you are helping the planet conserve all that extra energy as well. After all, nothing is better than both saving money and helping our planet at the same time.

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