Apple iPhone 6 Plus: The Best Of 2014

iPhone 6 Plus

A war is going between the different brands of Android smartphones and the advantage is going to the Apple and Microsoft smartphones. With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple recorded the highest profit in its whole history. Apple’s first experiment of big smartphone in form of iPhone 6 Plus was really successful.

iPhone 6 Plus have a biggest screen among all iPhones till date and the reason behind the launch is to eat the market share of big screen smartphones. But you can’t work with single hand on this beast. To get directions with your thumb on the left side of the screen compelled to support the phone on the fingers, rather than on the palm. Because the phone is quite long, this position is quite insecure and has a high risk that the phone hits the ground, especially if both are walking and can give stumbled. We wished Apple introduced a way that the keyboard does not occupy the entire width of the screen. Interface IOS is not specially adapted for use with one hand, since it is common to find the navigation controls in the top of the screen, instead of on the bottom to be easier to achieve by using the phone with one hand.

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The power button has been moved from the upper part of the phone to the right side to make it easier to reach, as in other large phones. But still pretty high, so it is not easy to achieve without moving your hand. Sony had the idea of ​​putting the power button in the middle of the side, and is an excellent position. We wished that Apple Placing the power button at the same position where the compartment of the nano-SIM card is present and it could be seen in the next Apple iPhone 6S Plus may be or later in the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus is available in three colors: space gray, white and gold. The back attracts dirt quite easily, although fingerprints are not marked. The front, which is all glass, yes that is a magnet for fingerprints despite having a treatment that supposedly repels. Although the iPhone 6 Plus is not officially waterproof, the guys at iFixit have discovered that Apple has incorporated a few small pieces of rubber around the power and volume buttons, which would aim to protect the iPhone against ingress of liquids. Shortly after the release of the iPhone 6 Plus news emerged that ensure the phone bends quite easily, and have even appeared videos of people bending the phone hands. Apple has denied that this is not a serious problem and, in fact, has been very few complaints from users for this reason.

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And iPhone 6 Plus become the most favorite smartphone of 2014. And regarding its price, which is pretty high and we would recommend you to buy it on contract. Also, if you hold the bad credit background then you should chill, search on the net for the term no credit check mobile phones, and you would overcome your problem in easy way.

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