Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3: Performance Differences

Apple iPad Air 2 3

When evaluating the performance of the new iPad 2, you would find all similar to iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6: specifications are not impressive on paper, but in practice even old system on chip gives quite a decent performance. For example, in the case of iPad mini 3 with dual-core processor in 3DMark it gets 14,000 points, which is enough for the average result, but AnTuTu Basemark X.

Even in difficult games you get a fairly high level of performance. A similar situation is observed with surfing. You get the result in less than 450 ms, so that performance can be called excellent. In practice, the performance is sufficient in all situations. The system works smoothly, Apple is famous for many years, nothing has changed. So the performance of iPad mini 3 turned well, but the same is true for the predecessor.

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Both tablets provide more than enough performance, but due to the iPad Air 2 System on chip of Apple A8X walked over the competitors. The situation in the case of iPad Air 2 was slightly different. NVIDIA and Samsung today argue about who makes the fastest mobile system on chip, but Apple has been able to bring a new A8X the lead. In AnTuTu showed more than 63,000 points, which is really great for a tablet. And yes it defeat the iPad Air 2 where Apple tablet scored only 21.300 points.

But it seems more interesting comparison with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, where A8X opposed A8 in smartphones. The difference in performance was simply incredible. In 3DMark new SoC tablet has led to an increase of 20 percent. The results show good that the future of Apple has enough reserves productivity – increase the amount of RAM to 2 GB could also affect the results. But, most likely, additional memory will be noticeable in scenarios of multitasking.

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Apple reluctant to share information about the technical specifications of the System on chip, the same applies to the battery. For example, on the product page, you can only learn that while surfing via WLAN or watching video, up to 10 hours on a single charge; in case the network connection 3G / 4G – 9 hours. Nowhere does it say that the battery in iPad Air 2 had to cut capacity with 8820 to 7.340 mAh. But despite the reduction in capacity, the new tablet is easy to reach the promised value. The video playback is over 11.5 hours, in the case of surfing through the LTE battery life of about 9 hours. As can be seen, the optimization software and new system on chip able to compensate for the reduced capacity.

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Despite the slim body, the tablet features a very good battery life. It is not surprising that the iPad mini 3, nothing has changed. Capacity remained at 6470 mAh battery life roughly corresponds predecessor. But, in the video playback iPad Mini 3 tablet could hold about half an hour longer.

Well there are a lot of differences in the performance and functionality if we compare the Mini 3 and Air 2. And the differences will increase after the iPad Air 3 release in the mid 2015.

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