HairFree hair remover review Stop hair growth? It’s a tall order

HairFree is a new product offering permanent hair removal over a 4 – 5 week period.

I test this new concept on my bikini line and see if these claims stand up to scutiny.

This has got to be THE most embarrassing product review I have had the nerve to write! But it HAS to be done! This review of HairFree (they insist on those caps) has been carried out in the privacy of my own home, if you can call putting selfies of your most intimate parts on the internet as private!

Permanent hair removal is the Holy Grail of beauty treatment for us Spanish girls who tend to have darker and more profuse body hair than other Western girls. Let’s admit it, a flawless bikini line is essential — but how can you achieve this without the pain and embarrassment of visiting a salon and have the most private part of your body scrutinized by a complete stranger whilst keeping a straight face – not to mention the grimaces of pain.

Enter HairFree No.1. As the name implies it claims to stop hair

growth and keep you free from unwanted hair which is a very bold claim indeed considering that 99.9% of women will regard hair growth in the same way as we regard the sun, ie, it rises inexorably every morning and will continue to do so for as long as we live.

Ok, laser hair removal can defy nature by electrifying our hair roots into submission but that’s different from a cosmetic product claiming to do the same thing. So when a manufacturer announces that it has a new product which can defy the laws of nature and stop hair growth it needs some additional scrutiny to that of your anti-wrinkle creams, moisturisers and cleansers that I normally test.

That’s why I wanted to subject myself to the real deal and do a thorough review of HairFree to check out these claims. And where better

to start than your bikini line, especially as I have an open invitation to drop into my friend Franchesca’s villa (rented for two months) on the beautiful island of Ibiza. On that headonistic island I wanted to get as naked as skimpy as the law permits! And in my country that’s pretty skimpy!

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Of course you can also use the product for removing facial hair, leg hair, underarm hair, etc but for this review I will just test it for removing bikini hair. I will do another test on my facial hair at a later date.

HairFree No.1 is like a depilatory but with an additional ingredient which provides for permanent hair removal. According to the makers blurb, once the surface hair is dissolved this clears the way for the ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft and treat the hair root itself. The ingredients react with the hair root to starve it of the nutrients necessary to make the hair grow. The hair root then shrinks, in a similar way to the way that men go bald – poor souls!

I started by spreading the cream over my pubic hair, being careful, as the instructions state, to avoid sensitive membrane areas. As I was sitting down I used my make-up mirror to get a better view and place the cream more accurately. See photo one for me at the start. hair remover review Stop hair growth

I was a bit nervous, but to my surprise it was easy to apply the cream just to the parts where hair was growing around and close to the labium but obviously avoiding the vagina itself. There was a tingling sensation rather than the stinging which I was expecting.

Next, you need to leave it on for 4 – 5 minutes, then use the scraper tool (supplied) to scrape off the excess and hair. Scrape away from the vagina to avoid excess hair and cream touching sensitive parts.

Hey Presto! The hair was gone. But Hey Presto! There’s nothing special about that. There are dozens of depilatories than can do the same remover review Stop hair growth 2

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Next step: wait until the hair starts to grow back and then reapply. You have to do it this way as the cream needs to adhere to the hair to travel down the hair shaft to the hair roots to neutralize them.

However, now was the time to test the maker’s important claims vis that less hair grows back. With each successive application of HairFree about 30% less hair is supposed to grow back. I waited seven days before the next application. Sure enough I definitely noticed fewer hairs sprouting than before. Some hair follicles did not have hair growing out of them and some did which seemed to support the maker’s claims that fewer hairs grow back. So far so good.

Next I repeated the application of cream after one week of new hair growth. This time it was much easier and quicker as there was less hair to get rid of. I noticed the skin around my vagina was really smooth with no prickly bits. Even the ‘goose bumps’ had gone. See photo two for this stage. hair remover review Stop hair growth 4

Hey presto – we’re getting there! This time much less hair has grown back and I can start to see how this works. The hair has thinned out considerably and has become softer.

Again, you need to wait one week before re-applying the cream. Again, there was definitely much less hair growing back than before. Now it was really starting to thin out and I could see the wood for the trees, so to speak!

For some reason I chose to do these weekly sessions late on a Sunday evening which is usually a quiet night for me. So this was now my third Sunday evening of vaginal hair raising! Again, the same scenario. Much less hair grew back. I’d say about 60-70% of the hair had thinned out and I was now looking at a balding bikini line!

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Every time the hair grew back it was remarkably less thick and heavy. I mean each individual hair was thinner and softer making it easier every time to reapply the cream because less was required. I thought I had never felt such soft skin around my vaginal area as had been created by HairFree. hair remover review Stop hair growth 3

Now is the moment when I have to say I am quite shocked that this product has worked as well as the manufacturers say. After six weeks of regular creaming my privates, hair growth has slowed down to virtually nothing.

I have to admit I was surprised that this had worked so well, and, comparatively. so fast. The claims regarding stopping hair growth were borne out by the reduced level of hair regrowth I saw after each successive application of the cream.

I did this test 14 weeks ago and there is till no sign of the hair sprouting through! Apart from a few stray hairs that I missed but dealt with later, my vagina is now smooth without the bristly regrowth normally associated with shaving and depilation.

I am now planning to use on my lunderarms and will report my findings back to you.


  1. The tubes are 75ml size which I think is too small. I got through two tubes during this five week test.
  1. The manufacturer’s instructions could be clearer. I had to double check with customer services about how much to use. In the end I followed the instructions on their website which gave more information.
  1. Manufacturers advise not to touch scalp or eyelashes whilst using the product – scary!

I am totally enthusiastic about this product which I am surprised has not been marketed better. It is not yet on sale at retail stores but the makers are planning to launch HairFree into retail outlets at their next marketing stage but for the moment it is only available online at:

One tube of HairFree costs $49.95 for a 75ml tube.

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