Use Solar Pool Heating System At Home, Steer Clear Of Skyrocketing Energy Bills

For those not willing to give up swimming through the winter months, here is good news! Solar pool heating systems can keep your pool warm and inviting year long, using free energy of the sun. The article tells you how you can extend your swimming season by harnessing the sun.

From the infants to the elderly—everybody enjoys a splash in the pool. A few rounds of laps a day can translate into enormous health benefits. A stronger heart, a better circulatory system, toned muscles, flexible joints and reduced stress level are some of the many benefits of being in the water every day. But how can one be in the pool when the water is as cold as ice? How would you like your home swimming pool to be warm and inviting even in the chilling days of January? Thinking of the expenses involved in the installation of traditional pool heating systems? Why not settle on a solar pool heating system for long term cost benefits?

Several Ways Solar Pool Heating System Helps You Save Dollars:

  • By no means do solar pool heating systems come cheap.  In fact a solar pool heating system typically costs more than a traditional pool heating system. But in few months time, you are going to see a substantial drop in your energy bill. Over a certain period of time the saving can be as huge as 80 percent in certain parts of the USA, such as Tampa.
  • The high swimming pool maintenance costs often throw the home owners off gear. And it is an ongoing cost.  Whether or not you are using your unheated swimming pool during the winter months, you have to bear the maintenance costs throughout the year. In certain US states the swimming pool maintenance costs may be as big as 250-300 dollars per month. You are not getting any use in return of these expenses through the no-swim months. On the other hand, a solar heating system lets you utilize your swimming pool—for pleasure and for exercise—throughout the year.
  • The Federal tax credits and incentives make it a more economic option for the home owners, when it comes to replacing a traditional gas or electric water heater.
  • As opposed to conventional gas or electric-powered pool heaters that call for frequent servicing by expert technicians, the solar heaters require very little servicing through its lifespan. This translates into substantial cost saving and less hassle for the home owners.
  • Then, the sophisticated solar heaters last considerably longer than their traditional counterparts. To be precise, solar pool heating systems are expected to last 15 to 20 years longer than conventional gas or electric pool heating systems.  Some solar solutions providers in Tampa offer 10 to 15 years warranty for their solar heaters.
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Solar Energy Is Environment Friendly:

Water heating accounts for a substantial amount of greenhouse gas emission. But solar pool heating systems are one of the smartest ways to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Believe it or not: a medium sized (50-collector solar pool heater) is capable of compensating for over 50 tons of CO2 per year. At this rate, the heater is expected to offset 5,000 tons of CO2 over its entire lifespan. Similarly you can help offset over 80 tons of CO2 per year by using a larger pool heater.

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Find the Long List of Benefits of Solar Pool Heater Enticing? Then It Is Time To Locate A Solar Solution Provider Near You:

  • A licensed professional is best qualified to install solar pool heating system at your home. In addition to examining your home for the level of solar exposure, the installer will decide on the correct size for your home swimming pool. Remember, the surface area of your solar collector should at least be 50 percent of the pool’s surface area.
  • The next important step involves finding out the correct orientation and tilt of the system for the optimum sun exposure.
  • Before hiring a solar solution provider, research and compare prices offered by the other providers.
  • Before investing in just about any system, make sure it is compliant to local laws and regulations.

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