Eliminate the toxic substance to maintain polycystic ovary syndrome

If an individual is planning to detox or cleanse it body to get rid of harmful substance, then they should immediate make plan and strategy to achieve it. There are many scientific ways to detox body. Detoxification mean getting rid of toxin and harmful chemical from the body, there are many natural ways to get rid of toxic substance from the body like intake of herbs. There are also diet, alternative therapies and supplement as a part of detoxification plan.

The natural detoxify organ in a human body

There is body organ that is responsible for ridding the toxic substance from the body and that organ is liver. The human livers cleanse and filter about 1.5 liter of blood in a minute. The human liver is responsible for providing clean blood to the body.

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The function of liver

 The human liver is also responsible for,

  • Removing excess hormonal activity such as estrogen activity
  • Removing excess hormones like testosterone.
  • Liver Responsible for eliminating toxic and harmful substance by sending the toxic blood to the human kidney.
  • Liver produces enzymes and amino acids used to metabolize food, including protein fats and carbs.

So liver is essential organ in a human body. Without proper function of liver the human body is full of toxic substance due to which many health issues are raised. Liver is also important for keeping hormone level balance and regulating blood sugar

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Sometimes the liver has to do overwork when an individual smokes, drink and have caffeine therefore an individual should be kind to the liver by following specific diet. An individual should also take care of the liver when an individual is having PCOS. When an individual is having polycystic ovary syndrome, then they should follow the DetoxScientific and while having detox scientific an individual should follow the specific diet routine.

Detoxification by diet


Almost half of the population use caffeine on a daily basis. Caffeine can be in the form of coffee or black tea. Caffeine can boost the energy level in an individual, but caffeine can also cause hormone imbalance in young women due to which PCOS is caused. Caffeine can also overwork the inhibit vitamins, adrenal glands and nutrients absorption which can lead to infertility.

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Alcohol can affect the health in ways like.

  •  excess intake of alcohol can lead cause problems in falling pregnant as alcohol delays the ovulation
  • Alcohol is made up of high calories and high sugar has an impact on an individual’s insulin levels
  • Alcohol can affect the function of the liver.

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