Age Beautifully In Your Senior Living Community

Upon reaching their golden age, seniors usually spend less and less time on the personal appearance, hygiene and aesthetics. Seniors must have the opportunity to enhance their physical appearance, body and well-being. Often the most neglected generation, seniors deserve to be taken care of and pampered. These make them feel not only younger and more beautiful, but more valuable and important as well.

In helping seniors take care of their appearance, health and well-being, we help improve their quality of life. Seniors have different concerns when it comes to their diet, skincare, nails, hair and body. It is important to address these needs to help regain their self-esteem.

Beauty and Health Tips for Seniors

Here are some beauty and health tips that can make seniors age beautifully.

  1. Skincare

Senior citizens are more prone to different kinds of skin problems. It is important for seniors to moisturize their skin because they are prone to dryness. Dry skin sometimes leads to dermatitis or cracking of the skin. Make sure seniors drink more liquids to hydrate themselves.

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They should also quit smoking. Aside from being unhealthy, this also aggravates dry skin. After bathing with mild soap or bath creams, they should also use sunblock and moisturizers. Make sure they use cream products with natural ingredients to avoid irritation. Seniors should moisturize more often in a day. For bedridden seniors, make sure that they do not develop bedsores. Change their adult diapers and catheters regularly and turn them to a different position from time to time.

  1. Haircare

Seniors encounter more hair problems like dry, thinning, and brittle hair. Good haircare must start from within. A good diet that promotes healthy hair involves a lot of fruits and vegetables. For the hair, make sure that they have their hair trimmed regularly to avoid split ends. When they will be exposed to the sun, it is best to wear a hat for protection.

  1. Exercise

Seniors must perform different kinds of exercises to stay active. Staying active will make seniors feel more mobile; hence, they can perform more activities with ease. Exercises for balance, strength, cardiovascular strength, and endurance are important to keep seniors physically fit. Different kinds of exercises that do not involve equipment like walking and dancing are good for the heart. Seniors can also engage in swimming and bicycling to help develop endurance. The use of light dumbbells, resistance bands, or even body weight can help develop strength. Different walking and sitting exercises can help develop balance.

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Aging beautifully does not only involve taking care of one’s appearance. It is also important to have a well-balanced diet and lifestyle.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.

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