Saving Money With DIY Décor

Guests are driving down your street, looking for your home for your son’s birthday party. Up ahead, they see the birthday flag banners of your son’s favorite superheroes, the ones printed in the invitation they received, together with balloons in his favorite colors.

Decorations are essential for events and celebrations. They add a festive feeling or they can also set up the ambiance and mood of the event. Some people hire decorators for it, but they often come with a hefty price.

Instead of hiring a decorator, why not try to make your own decorations instead? Here are some of the benefits of DIY decorations:

  • No Labor Cost

Instead of hiring a decorator, you can save your money or use it for other things needed for your event or for future use. You can prepare ahead and just plan the decorations yourself. Yes, it will take more time compared to hiring a decorator, but at least you get to save dollars.

  • Personalized

Aside from saving money, the effort that you exerted for the decorations will be appreciated. Using DIY decorations will also reflect your personality. It will make things unique and special.

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Guests always feel different and special when they enter a place with personalized decorations. It shows the dedication of the event host and it also shows that the guests are so important that decorations have been set up for their arrival.

  • Freedom and Control in Planning

Imagine having someone do the designs and, in the long run, you would like them changed. Some designers have you pay every time you want something changed. They also charge for looking for materials and going to different shops for decorations.

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If you do the decorations yourself, you can change and remove things whenever you can. With DIY décor, you can add or remove elements from the design that you have thought of. You also control the pace and the execution of the decorations. You are more certain of what the result will be.

  • Environment-friendly

With DIY décor, you can choose to recycle different materials. If you have newspapers and magazines scattered around or stored in the attic, it is time to pull them all out. Aside from saving the environment, you have also decluttered your home. That is hitting two birds with one stone!

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Save more money with DIY decorations. There are lots of tutorials online. Just look for what is appropriate for your event. Do some dry runs until you perfect them and they are good to go as your event decorations.

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.

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