7 Basic Kitchen Tools & Their Functions

Ever imagined holding a sizzling egg or beef cut with bare hands, deep frying chicken nuggets without using spatula or pair of tongs? Probably not as these are among the basic kitchen tools to make cooking easier and manage work more efficiently. There’s a long list of fundamental tools, utensils, appliances and cookware available in market today integrated with state-of-the-art technology, each serves for a different purpose. Looking from aesthetic point of view, today’s cooking range comes in many colors to match your kitchen decor.

1. Knives for Clean Chops

Premium quality, very sharp knives are a vital element to chop through vegetables, fruits and even meat, frictionless. When buying, select knives having a good weight, comfortable and well balanced while holding in hands and request seller to demonstrate sharpness. Paring, serrated and chef’s knife are three crucial types with each serving differently. Paring knife if to peel fruits and vegetables, serrated for cutting bread while chef’s knife is for typical cutting and chopping respectively.

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2. Cutting Boards

Whether cooking a romantic dinner in Dubai or simply preparing routine meal, all require keeping counter-tops clean and scratch-free which is possible thanks to cutting boards. Common kitchen rule highlights to have a separate cutting board for meat and vegetables, thus preventing germs, cross contamination and smell. Manufacturing material comprises of wood, plastic and even marble.

3. Measuring Spoons & Cups

Baking a cake or preparing something delicate requires accurate measurement of ingredients or else your recipe would be all messed up. Avoiding such from happening means having measuring cups of assorted sizes in plastic, metal or glass! Angled cup is quite easy to read when gauging liquids whereas spoons are valuable to compute dry ingredients such as baking powder and other such. Bars in Dubai and probably other places as well have a vast range of professional measuring tools.

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7 Basic Kitchen Tools & Their Functions

4. Whisks & Spoons for Kitchen Boon

Mixing and stirring needs long handled spoons and whisks either made of plastic or wood. Meanwhile, other useful spoons are slotted ones for draining, pasta spoons to keep pasta from sticking with each other and finally ladles when serving soup, gravies. When mixing sauces, pancake batter, egg white and whip egg white. You can go for electric beaters rather than traditional manual equipment to speed things up plus these are also ideal to mix cakes and thrash potatoes.

5. Spatulas & Tongs

Whenever there’s a need to turn meat upside down, hold vegetables while barbecuing, overturning omelet while frying requires tongs so go and buy one lest you haven’t any. Ensure they’re of superior quality and doesn’t melt when exposed to heat. Spatulas are available in metal, plastic and stainless steel with purpose to slide under food such as burgers, pizzas, cookies and pancakes.

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7 Basic Kitchen Tools & Their Functions

6. Colander

At-least one colander is a must for every kitchen to drain vegetables, rice, pastas or any other edible good. Having trouble washing fruits and vegetables, simply place them in a strainer and no need to worry about water remnant. Try to purchase one having feet for stand to ensure no water is left.

7. Colorful Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls of varying colors and sizes are easily accessible in market. Each color represents different purpose like for serving salads and fruit mix, mixing or simply storing dry ingredients. Stainless steel, plastic and colored glasses are a few material choices. Homes and even Dubai restaurants like Bistro Dubai all have a collection of these bowls.

7 Basic Kitchen Tools & Their Functions

And here’s a list of basic kitchen tools which every professional cook must have!

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