7 Best Project Management Software For Different Businesses

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Managing a large number of employees and other process in the organization manually gets really hard. Further, when the tasks have to be managed collaboratively and different departments need to work in coordination, tasks get unnecessarily delayed. In such a scenario, businesses need some customized project management software that helps employees effectively. With their capability to coordinate and streamline efforts in multiple company operations, the software proves to be a big help to the businesses.

There are many companies offering project management software that makes human resource management and business task management hassle free. In this blog, we will have a look at the top software used by most of the businesses from varied industries.

Parsable: This project management software brings a revolutionary change in the way you work, train people and structure the learning process. The software helps you replace paper-based forms and spreadsheets with digital procedures. It also helps operators and HR team to collect data, signature, and rich media for employee performance appraisal forms.

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Zoho Creator:  Zoho Creator is an intuitive drag and drop interface for customer business solutions. This software has been creatively designed to meet unique business needs of varied industries. It also offers a free trial to help the users get an understanding of the software and make an informed buying decision.

Wooqer: It is a creative and easy to use project management and human resource management software. Though Wooqer is equally effective for all industries, it proves to be more beneficial for human resource and operations management in retail industry. The software allows each member of the team to create their own business solution for mobile and app. This is an app to make communication, file sharing, and task completion easy.

Bitrix24: It is a project management software that is available both in free and paid versions. Based on the business size and functions, companies can opt for Bitrix24 in the cloud or self-host on user’s own server. Gantt charts, layered task options and employee workload planning are some of the features making Bitrix24 one of the best project management software. Users can also use it as a Dropbox to share and store important files.

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Asana: Asana is a project management solution that makes management of different tasks, project sharing and human resource management effective. The software allows you to combine multiple tasks with just a single click and handle the tasks on a priority basis. You can also set deadlines and update completion notifications to let other team members know the status of the task.

BaseCamp: This is one of the most popular project management software in the market due to its user-friendly interface. Some of the leading brands including National Geographic, Nike and Twitter have also been using BaseCamp for effective project management. The software lets you upload collaborative files and customize granular controls to send relevant information to the concerned individual.

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Trello: It is not exactly a project management tool, but an app that allows you to have a glance over the entire project in a single view. Trello allows you to effectively organize cards for easy collaboration. You can try either free version of the app or can opt for a gold package for additional features like larger attachment, saved searches etc.

Among all the project management software solutions available in the market, our team of experts reviewed these seven and found Wooqer to be the best software. It might be a new entrant in the market, but with its advanced features, it is giving tough competition to many well-established service providers.

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