7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Appear Extra Spacious

The bathroom, they say, is one’s own personal oasis of privacy and serenity. It is the place where you wash off the day’s fatigue and relax under a warm shower or soak in the peace and comfort that your home has to offer. Often, though, in modern flats, the bathroom is a small and cramped space. Fret not! Here are some tips to making your bathroom look extra spacious.

  • White makes for space – One of the best ways to make your bathroom appear more spacious and airier is doing it up all in white. This means white paint, white tiles, and white sanitary ware. If you thought maintenance of an all-white bathroom could be a headache, look for stain free tiles and paint. White reflects light and breathes life into your bathroom interiors.
  • Concealed storage – Concealed storage and a simple vanity creates more space. Creating a storage space behind the mirrors or underneath the sink makes for more spacious bathrooms. If you are looking for flats in new projects in Goregaon East, speak to your real estate developer and customise storage spaces to fit into the wall.
  • Glass panels for the win – Fitting in glass panels make the bathroom look much bigger. The shower and bath area are usually partitioned off with a shower or with a wooden or a PVC door. Replacing this with transparent hardened glass panels and doors gives the bathroom a more sophisticated look while adding the illusion of space as well.
  • Add natural light – Most Indian constructions tend to provide large windows and open balconies in the living area but tend to leave the bathroom with a small vent. This makes a small bathroom rather claustrophobic. Home owners also tend to use heavy shutters or completely black out any existing windows due to privacy concerns. These give the bathrooms a cramped feel. A large open window and lots of natural light make the room more spacious and also help to keep out the damp air. Translucent or frosted shades can answer your privacy concerns adequately.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall – An end to end mirror, at least on one of the walls, makes the room look expansive and adds the necessary depth to the bathroom. Many decorators and home owners tend to break up the mirror into panels. This does not work quite as effectively, though. A single large mirror from side wall to side wall makes for a great vanity and also gives the room a large dimension.
  • Stash away visual obstructions – Bathrooms are the perfect place to display your high-end luxury line of toiletries, salves and lotions, colognes and perfumes. Any coloured bottles and containers, however, are visual obstructions that make a small bathroom look very cramped. Even a small seat that could be a necessary addition can cause quite a jarring impact. It would be best to keep away all these vanity items in cupboards and find the space under the sink or cupboard for the stool or for the linen basket.
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Do not forget the ceiling – The ceiling of the bathroom is the easily forgotten dimension which when tended to properly can add the illusion of space to the room. Do not forget to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls and tiles (preferably a white or light beige). Another interesting way to add depth to the ceiling is by installing a moulding design around the edges. This can create the depth that the room needs. If you plan to buy a flat in Goregaon East ask your developer to do away with the false ceiling for the bathroom.

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