How Do I Install A Replacement Door

Replacing the doors in your home is one of the best investments you can make. It ensures the integrity of your property and prevents long-term damage that can occur over time.

However, installing a new door requires careful planning if you want to get the best results. Therefore, knowing how to properly remove your old doors and prepare the new installation can ensure your installation is efficient and cost effective.

The following are some key things to remember when installing a replacement door.

Removing the Old Door

The first phase of installation requires you to properly remove the old door. You can do this by removing the pins on the hinges, which hold the door in place. Simply use a hammer to tap the pin through the hinge.

The weight of the door can often prevent you from removing the pins easily and safely. In this case, you’ll want to have someone help you by holding the door in place when you’re removing the pins.

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Once all the pins are removed, you can move the old door into your work area, as you’ll be using it to prepare the new door for installation.


Measure twice, cut once. This rule of thumb is especially true when installing a replacement door. By making sure that you’ve made the proper measurements before installation, you’ll save yourself the headache (and cost) of having to start over.

The new door will have to be modified to fit into the doorframe of your house. To do this, stand your both your old and replacement doors on their ends. You can gauge exactly how much wood will need to be planed down to get the perfect fit.

However, sometimes your old door may be damaged or warped, making it unusable for a proper measurement. If so, you’ll need to carefully measure the opening of the door and allow some clearance on all sides.

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Once you’ve determined the measurements, you can transfer them to the new door and make your modifications accordingly.

Prepping the Door

You’ll need to prepare the new door before installing it. This includes creating the latch opening and setting its edges.

To create the latch opening, use a square and spade bit to drill a hole that’s perfectly straight. An improperly installed latch opening will prevent it from working correctly. If you’ve done this right, you can simply install the latch and its faceplate.

If you feel that you need to do some trimming, just use a jackplane to trim them down as needed.

Installing the Replacement Door

Installation is the moment of truth after the removal and preparing phases. If you’re installing new hinges, make sure they’re in place with the second one being directly in the middle of the top and bottom hinges.

The hinge leaves should be properly aligned and attached to the door using wood screws. When placing the door in the frame, place the top pin in first, followed by the bottom and then middle ones.

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If you’ve taken these essential steps in installing your replacement door, you should have a well-fitted installation that’s fully functional. A proper fit can help save energy cost by preventing any loss of heat from your home. Best of all, installing replacement windows and doors can add to the value to your home and enhance its look and function.

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