High Quality Tanks At Cost Effective Price

High Quality Tanks At Cost Effective Price

When it is raining, it is a must for anyone to store the water for future use. Rainwater harvesting would cut down the water bill. This would be a great saving. More than cutting down the water bill, using the rainwater without letting it drain into the sea is required. Hence, to store rainwater one should use some Rainwater tanks. The ordinary plastic or PVC tanks would generally occupy much space in the garden. It would be very tedious to maintain the barrels or the plastic tanks which would be very heavy to lift and clean. The recent Aussietanks which are very light and are made from marine grade PVC material are collapsible and are easy to maintain. This could be collapsed at the time of non usage of this tank.

Installation of the Tanks

It is very easy to install this tank. It could be collapsed and installed any number of times without any wear and tear. These long lasting tanks are easily portable. Because of its high portability it would be very easy for anyone to carry it to any place under any circumstance. This could be installed without many efforts. It would take hardly twenty minutes to install this tank. The PVC material is covered with a steel frame. This frame would be sturdy and would help to withstand the tank sturdily. There are so many outlets in this tank to have pipes attached to it for various uses. During rainy season the water spouts from the terrace could be connected to this tank from the upper inlet pipe or the side pipe. The pipes could be directed into the tank for the water to collect in it.

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A mesh is provided inside the water tank to collect all the trash without getting into the water tank. The water would be clean without any litters. The water collected in the tank could be used for future use, which could be kept safe and secured. The water could be used to water the plants in the garden, could be used to clean cars or boats. Due to the portability of the tank, this tank could be kept anywhere in the garden. The only thing that has to be taken care while installing the tank is that the tank should be kept on a solid smooth surface. In case it is to be kept on the lawn, the level of the surface should be even. If it is not, then a sand pack should be made to keep the tank without getting tilted.  With a good steel frame the tank would stand sturdy in any place, even though it is portable.

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Ordering the Tank

On, order over the phone or an order over the internet, the tank would reach the doorstep of the customer in not more than five working days for the standard delivery. On any issues relating the quality of the product, the customer would be able to reach the company over phone or mail and could sort out the issue in no matter of time. The company gives a warranty of three years for the product with a condition of installing the shade cover properly and using the product properly. The company gives warranty for the product and the customer could get a better replacement in case, unfortunately the product is of any defect within the stipulated warranty period. With a better grade PVC, this product hasn’t seen any issues within the warranty period as per the statement of the company. But when claiming the warranty, the customer has to submit the date of purchase and receipt as the proof for the purchase of the product.

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