The Big Three Holidays: Themed Home Decor That Pinterest Fans Love

Pinterest is one of the most creative and inspiring social media platforms out there. Individuals with all sorts of passions share their concepts for themed design in art, home décor, architecture, cooking, and anything else in between. It is a centralized hub of creativity, and there is something out there for everyone.

One of the most popular things people get together and share on Pinterest is home design and décor, and some incredible designs have spread like wildfire through the social media network. Below is just an overview of some great ideas that can be implemented in 2014 and 2015. The big three holidays for many people all have a little something different to offer thematically. These unique visions are worth checking out.

Halloween: The Mantelpiece

The mantel is usually something that is decorated for Christmas, a place where the stockings hang and the tinsel spreads. But it is a great and often overlooked spot for Halloween decorating. Pumpkins could line against the top. There could also be a unique spin on Christmas here that can be found at a Halloween outlet. For example, one could spread dead or old mistletoe across the surface in a sort of thematically dark and intriguing style.

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It could hang off the edge, and being accented with dark décor for a unique take on Halloween and Christmas. The rest of the mantelpiece could include spins on Christmas, such as ripped stockings or even orange and white “Christmas” lights. Halloween themed mantle scarves make a great base for hanging DIY bats, rather than stockings and displaying kids fun Halloween crafts.

Thanksgiving: The Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is really all about food. Decorating for thanksgiving will likely include a total revamping of that often unused dining room. The table itself will be prosperous, with a tall centerpiece, candles, turkey and all the feast and trimmings. This will draw a lot of attention to the room, and it creates a sort of circular design that welcomes all guests. The centerpiece could be fitted with Thanksgiving related snacks, such as pears or a cornucopia.

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These could be found in a holiday clearance. Turkey day linens and table runners really add to your holiday dining décor.

Christmas: Art and Wall Hangings

One of the most adorable things a family can do with their home décor is leaning into Santa. What this means is that the décor actually tries to be appealing to Santa Claus, and kids can join in by wanting to make the home inviting and nice for him. One of these ideas is to have a chalkboard hang on the wall. It could count down the days until Christmas. Christmas night it could have a message for Santa Claus.

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This board could always be changing, and as long as it is wiped off often it could be a great addition to the décor and style. Because these chalkboards are black they can fit with a lot of designs and themes.

Wall hangings could be switched out for Christmas as well. Use traditional Christmas colors or spiritual art. This small change does a lot to change the atmosphere and engage with that Christmas spirit. The main art in the living room could be removed and swapped for something Christmas themed. Perhaps a giant picture of Santa? Christmas wall tapestries are a beautiful way to invite the Christmas spirit to large walls in your home.

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