How Interior Decorators Can Get You A Stunning Desert Home

Living in Dubai, the Arabian Desert with vast open land, sandy hills and scorching heat has always inspired interior decorators around the globe. They are very much in love with decorating desert homes due to its great diversity and closeness to nature.
Getting a home in desert is an ideal deal for the residents of gulf, who are not only adventurous but are too passionate for desert safari, desert parties and other such recreational activities. Are you looking for an amazing desert home decor? Have a look at these stunning desert homes that interior decorators Dubai will get you without much effort.

1.Arizona Luxury Resort Decor

Interior decorators have turned Sanctuary luxury resort into a best visit place on Camel back Mountain in Arizona. They have finely decorated each room of the resort making them more relaxing and eye appealing. This is for this reason many tourists love to visit this desert inspired luxury resort.


2.Art of the Navajo Nation

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This peaceful and spacious interior decor is inspired by the art of the Navajo nation. This desert home decor is created in harmony with hues of desert sand and includes some very simple furniture items to set the decor. It includes more space with less occupied furniture to create a perfect desert theme home.


3.Desert Lifestyle

You will love this simple yet elegant desert home. This minimal apartment is designed by the Architect Kasper Ronns and sets inspiration for interior decorators in Dubai to revive empty desert home there. It uses wooden walls, table and rustic natural material to add beauty in home.


4.Luxury Desert Residence

This enticing luxury desert residence is decorated with utmost love by interior decorators, who want to make each bit of it filled with exquisiteness. It has a very calm interior decor and outdoor relaxing couch.

5.Moroccan Themed Desert Decor

This desert home is designed on Moroccan theme to make one feel living in that Moroccan era, with striking color scheme of red and bright pink. This colorful interior makes a desert more celebrating and exciting to spend nights.

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6.Outdoor Desert Home Decor

Interior decorator know how important is to enjoy the scenic beauty of a desert. Therefore, they decorated a desert home balcony for its dwellers to rest and enjoy chit chat while viewing this open landscape.


7.Open Window Home Decor

An open room with natural view of desert and blowing breeze may seem so fascinating for those living around Arabian Desert. Interior decorators in Dubai therefore, have created this awesome open window home. The room contains simple seating along stone wall, a hanging light and fan to cool down surroundings.


8.Sonoran Desert Inspired Decor

Desert is a big inspiration for interior decorators for its color variations, changing weather and natural landscaping. This Sonoran Desert shows some masterpiece interior decoration for those having a home in desert. It includes the basic arrangement of sofa seats, table and dining table but what makes it exceptional is the wall art and the floor pattern.

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9.Romantic Desert Home Decor

You can get this romantic desert home decor by hiring a smart interior decorator. It is a perfect blend of traditional Arabian decor where you can feel relaxed and cuddling. It includes different rooms, all decorated with antique pieces, wooden dining table and floor rugs. Wall hangings, ceiling lamp and mirror art makes it more beautiful.


10.Desert Simplicity

Desert is acronym to simplicity, it makes one feel loved by nature while dwelling here. This is very simple yet captivating desert home decor that illuminates when dark prevails surrounding. This picturesque desert house speaks boldly about its simplicity.


Interior decorators Dubai, like these at Crux Interiors bring promising interior decor for anyone living in Arabian Desert. They make it exceptional with their creativity and making it a special place for you to have a soul relaxing escape from busy routine.

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