How To Make Your Exhibition Stall Stand Out

How To Make Your Exhibition Stall Stand Out

There is little doubt that exhibition events are one of the best ways to bring people together who share the same passion. With upcoming events in the UK including The National Wedding Show, Food Entrepreneur Show and the eCommerce Expo, such events offer a chance for brands to shine. Optrafair exhibition stalls, for example, attracted over 6,500 visitors this year, earning the accolade of best-attended UK optical trade show. Replicating this success is challenging for any exhibitor, yet with some insight you can make your stall stand out from the crowd.

Be unique

When you are up against many competitors at an exhibition, especially those with bigger budgets than your own, it is imperative to stand out. According to Entrepreneur if you want to stand out from the big spenders, you need a different hunting plan. Success comes from breaking the mould. Be unique and do something different from everyone else.

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Exploit Technology

Make use of technology at an exhibition to attract visitors, gather information and promote your brand. Use a tablet to quickly gain feedback or contact details from people or to demonstrate information. Use QR-codes to make it easier for people to scan your details. Engage with social media to publish live Tweets or update information as it happens at the event.

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Use the Right Staff

No matter how visually appealing your stand looks, choose who you use to represent your stand with care. According to Small Business well-trained and highly-engaging staff can make all the difference, giving your stand an extra edge.

Great Design

No matter what your budget, your stand should represent your brand and look visually appealing. A well-designed exhibition stand can attract more visitors, so consider talking to experts and take inspiration from successful examples such as Optrafair, to see what it is they are doing right – seek Optrafair exhibition information through Smart XS, for instance. You do not need to blow big budgets to be a success, but careful execution and consideration of your goals through the design of your stand will go a long way.

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Follow up

If your exhibition stand has attracted lots of interest during the event, don’t waste the opportunity to forge new relationships by not following up leads. Collect personal details and make contact within a couple of days of the event.

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